Calling all bloggers!

Do you need project plans? From knock-off furniture to custom built, I’ve got you covered. As most of you know, easy DIY project plans are quite the trend these days. I specialize in exactly that; simple furniture and project plans designed specifically with the beginner in mind. So easy that it requires little or no experience.

If you would like to have plans made up for a project you have in mind then take a look at the requirements below and if you fit the bill then submit your project idea.


  • Must be a DIY blogger. Sorry everyone else, right now I’m only creating plans for bloggers because, well, bloggers have an audience to share. And they tend to take good pictures, which brings me to the next requirement.
  • Project photos. Yea, I’m gonna need to use your completed project photos since you’re building and not me. Therefore you’ll need to..
  • Create a post about your step by step build and finish process and then link to my plans so your readers can build too. And, in return, I’ll praise and link to your post so my readers can see how you did it!
  • Plans only at These plans take a lot of time and skill to put together so I am requiring that they stay on my website. But don’t worry plenty of link love will be shared!

Submit a Request for Project Plans

Thats it! If you meet the criteria above then apply below for a chance to have plans created just for you! The best part is that it’s totally FREE! It’s a win-win!