Below I have compiled a list of tools and services that I use. I often find myself answering questions such as this so I thought it best to put it all in one place. What you might immediately notice is that I have a lot of Ryobi tools. Well, I like them and, well, I am sponsored by them so I get most of them for free. That certainly doesn’t mean you must have that exact tool and if you can make something else work better or for less money then by all means. However, Ryobi tools have proven reliable to me and they work for most of what I need.

Another reason that I put this list together is because a lot people would like to support the site but don’t know how. This list consists of mostly affiliate links which means by clicking through these links and purchasing a product, I receive a commission, with no extra cost incurred by you. Links to are pretty straight forward because you have to order online. If a link takes you to then, like Amazon, a product must be ordered online for pickup at your local Home Depot in order for us to receive a commission. If you choose to support us by doing so then we will be forever grateful. Thanks in advance and God Bless.

As a final note, this list is by no means is this a list of #1 products. Simply a list of what I use, like or recommend. Take all that with a grain of salt because, well, I haven’t tried every tool out there and to be honest a lot of what I use is because it’s what is accessible to me and has been reliable. I will continue to add and modify this list as I grow my tool collection.

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Ryobi 18v ONE+

Circular Saws

Miter Saws

Table Saw

  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Ridgid  -  10" Cast Iron Table Saw
  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Diablo  -  10" x 80 Tooth Ultra Finish Blade
  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Leecraft  -  Zero Clearance Insert

Jig Saw

Scroll Saw

Band Saw

Pocket Hole Jigs

Biscuit Joiner




Router Tables

Router Bits




  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Stanley  -  FatMax Auto Lock Tape Measure
  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Kreg  -  Multi-Mark Tool
  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Kreg  -  7" Speed Square
  • (Amazon / Home Depot)  -  Kreg  -  6" Engineers Square



Pocket Hole Screws

Wood Screws

Brad Nails

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