This is where you can submit ideas for future projects and vote on other ideas that you would like to see project plans for! Before submitting a project idea, take the time to review the list for a similar submission. If you see it, vote for it! Share it with your friends! Do whatever you have to do to get that idea to the top of the list. I want to post project plans that you want and there is no better way than to have a vote!

Automatic ball thrower (for dog)

Ryobi Table Saw Workbench

I would love plans for a workbench to extend the surface capabilities of my Ryobi 10" table saw. The surface to sit flat ...

Window Box

Great looking window boxes for instant curb appeal all summer long.

Poker table with storage.

Id like to see your spin on an eight or six sided poker table with some storage for poker chips underneath.

Porch Swing

Would love to see some plans for this beautiful porch swing. It's slightly larger than your typical swing and not quite as...

Lift-Top Coffee Table

I built the secret floating shelf for my wife as a gift and she loved it! Only problem is now I want to keep making things...

Sewing table

Table with recess for base of sewing machine and a fold down extension on the top for large projrcts

Grilling Prep Table

For my new porch I need a grill prep table to keep me from going in and out so often. Lots of plans out there but none th...


A princess toy box bench with something on the side to place books. Since it's a bench also, she needs a place to put her ...

Knee Wall Storage

We are short on space in our upstairs bedroom. I noticed the other day that we have a good 3 feet behind the knee wall in ...

The Ultimate Patio Table

I would love to see your vision/version of a patio table with built in ice-boxes. It would make the ultimate BBQ/summer pa...

A Square Kitchen Table

My wife would like me to build her a square dining room table that seats 12

ultimate table saw station

Like many beginner woodworkers, I do not have the fund for a $3k plus cabinet makers table saw so I was looking to build m...

Kitchen Counter Extension

So my wife and I recently bought a house and quickly found out that our kitchen counter is just not big enough once you ad...

Paint Storage

I need something that I can fit all my gallon, quart, sample sized paint cans in as well as spray painting cans. Something...

Staircase Shelving

Staircase and Shelving/ storage for a tiny house

Room maximizer kids loft bed

In our home, we have very limited space in our kids rooms and they love spending time in their playing with their stuff an...

Combination Panel Saw/Wood Storage

I would love to see a panel saw and robust wood storage on one platform. I think it would be ideal for the garage workshop.

Pantry shelf

I'd like a storage cabinet that also has storage in the doors. A cabinet about 35" wide and 48" tall and only about 12-14"...

Secret Mirror Storage

I would like to see some project plans for hidden wall storage with sliding or opening mirror. Possibly with some kind of ...

Rustic country bunk bed

Would like a sturdy, rustic bunk bed for my two boys. I would like for each bed to have it's own little headboard and foot...

Skinny Mobile Tool Storage

A storage cupboard that would stow away into a small space without being "small" on storage. It could be useful for storin...

Treasure storage

A pirates treasure trunk or steamer trunk style stirage box

Simple Wooden Daybed

It seems like a simple structure. It would be nice to have plans for the base, with perhaps an option for a taller back if...

Cottage hutch

I would love to have a hutch where I can place my beautidul dinnerware as part as my home decor. I love french cottage sty...

Harvest Table BENCH with back

My mom wants a harvest table but she also wants a bench with a back. I found this while doing a random search for ideas.

electric Fireplace

A simple electric Fireplace that you can buy an electric insert and use in your custom built fireplace Something like the...

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed very similar to this one.

Simple 2x4 Bed Frame

I like this bed frame design because it not only looks great but would be super cheap and easy to build. Maybe a simple he...

8x12 Corrugated metal storage

Looking for a metal shed where I can store and use forge and welding equipment. Size limited by county building codes. It ...

Kitchen island

I built this island to add to the new kitchen a couple years ago. Ever since I have had several requests to build similar ...

Wire Spool Tables

These tables look great. and are kid friendly. Stain them any colour to match a room and add a glass top to dress them up ...

Media Storage Cabinet

I would like to see plans for a media (DVD, CD, Blu-ray etc) storage cabinet that has storage in the doors as well. Same ...

Cool projects

1. American girl dool houses that store all the stuff they come with 2. Corner console for small bathroom 3. Screen door...

porch swing

a take-off the Amish porch swing available online. This is a stylish swing with rounded frame members and stainless steel...

Backyard Play Structure

I would like plans for a big wooden structure, like the type you see for sale at a hardware store. Ideally it would includ...

Mud Bench

Storage cabinet/shelf for kids back packs with coat hangers

Princesses' dress and toy storage

My 4-year old and 2-year old granddaughters needed something on which their princess costumes and accessories can be store...

Stacked Beds

Saw these beds, they sell them in Europe, they would make a fabulous space saving guest room addition. I have not tried t...

Drafting Table

Drafting table with simple mechanism for raising and lowering the top of the table. Ideally the design would allow you to ...

DIY Pergola

It'd be neat to see plans for a built-from-scratch pergola for entertaining on the patio/in the backyard. Something that w...

Convertible couch/ bunk bed.

I would like to see step by step plans for a Convertible Couch/Bunk Bed.

3 in 1- high chair, rocker and desk

Many people are always looking for a way to make space in their home, especially when they have children. What better way...

Breakfast nook bench

Built in custom bend for a bay window in a breakfast nook.

Farmhouse Convertible Crib

I would love to see plans on how to build your own baby crib that could be convertible! We have just started our family an...

Farmhouse dining chairs

Would love to have plans for sturdy dining chairs to match the farmhouse table plans!

Wrap Around Tree Bench

Tips and or Plans on how to build a Nice Tree Bench that wraps around the tree with storage

Corner entertainment center

I would like to see a an entertainment center with room for a flatscreen tv, and storage for a few gaming consoles.... I a...

Concealed storage projects

Nightstands. Wall shelves. Tables with conceled storage

Our garden and farm , home

Garden furniture , woodwork , tables evrything with wood

Computer Tower & Printer Side Table

A modern rustic side table that functions as a stand for a computer tower and table for a printer/scanner combo. Would be ...

American flag pallet coffee table

I would love to know how to make an American flag pallet table. I can never find solid instructions on Pinterest and I am ...

Porch bed swing

Porch bed swing twin mattress size

Buffett and Hutch for additional storage!

I found the attached Buffett and Hutch piece that I really like. I enjoy wood working, but I am not advanced enough to ju...

Makeup/Jewelry Vanity

While this one may be a bit overly complicated to build I would like to make a nice makeup/jewelry vanity for my wife. She...

Cabinet bed

Cabinet that opens up to a queen sized bed

George Nelson style wood shelf

Mid century style wall shelving by George Nelson

Entryway Shoe Storage

Narrow cabinet small enough for an entryway, yet large enough for shoe storage. Keeps shoes out of sight and is aesthetica...

Rustic Sideboard

This would be amazing in an entry way, or formal dining room. Looks like something my Grandmother had in her house. And, i...

Home improvement

Project plans for coffee tables, kitchen tables, sofa tables and the like.

Outdoor Firewood Storage

Small to med outdoor firewood storage w/ easy simple rooftop. A nice feature would be maybe a shelf in the shed/storage a...

Mudroom Storage

A mudroom bench with shelving, hooks, backing and molding. Preferably with mix and match possibilities as on the Willow an...

Platform bed with storage

I need some plans for a queen sized platform bed, hopefully with storage underneath. We have to fit 3 boys in one bedroom ...

Bunny Hutch

I need a hutch for my indoor bunny. I would like it to have two levels & maybe around five ft. long, I'm thinking it c...

6' Adirondack hanging porch swing

I would like to see the comfort from the chair version transformed into a swing. I really like the roll back style but it...

Desktop Lamp

This could be a cool build, and should be cheaper than $96 to build. Could also be modified for more trays, more lights, etc.

TV Entertainment/Armoire

We want to build an Armoire in our Bedroom to hold a large screen TV and have a couple of drawers beneath it. No doors are...

Fireplace mantle with attached/built in bookcase/shelves on each side

A fireplace mantle that connects to book cases on each side of the mantle.

Ladder Bookcase

7' tall space saving ladder/bookcase for a tiny house on wheels

Soapbox derby car

More projects for kids like the airplane a couple years ago! Derby car would be super fun to build. Something pill shaped...

Early American secretary's desk

I fell in love with this secretary's desk and need to make it. It's the kind of project that makes my heart beat a little ...

Computer Cabinet

This is such an awesome computer cabinet with a fold out desk!

Media Console

I really like the design on this console table. It's simple and the hardware is a great touch. But the $1300 price tag is ...