Pocket holes, ahh, pocket holes… Oh how you make things so easy.

As you’ve probably noticed pocket holes can be found in the majority of my plans. This is because it is a quick, easy and strong method of joinery to butt two pieces of wood together. To accomplish this you’ll need a pocket hole jig from Kreg Tool Company otherwise none as the Kreg Jig. Below, I’ve put together a table to compare the different options offered by Kreg. Enjoy!

Kreg JigKreg Jig® Mini
Kreg Jig Mini
Kreg Jig® R3
Kreg Jig R3
Kreg Jig® K4
Kreg Jig K4
Kreg Jig® K5
Kreg Jig K5
Kreg Foreman
Foreman pocket hole machine
Price$21.99$44.99$99.99 or
$149.99 for Bundle
Benchtop or Portable?Portable onlyPortable onlyBothBothBenchtop only
ClampingRequires ClampRequires ClampBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
Best UseSmall Projects
Tight Spaces
Small Projects
Tight Spaces
Medium Projects
Large Projects
Medium Projects
Large Projects
Lots of Projects
Medium Projects
Large Projects
Extra-Large Projects