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So my good friend Jen Woodhouse from House of Wood built this amazing bedside table for her master bedroom with no plans what so ever. Yup, she’s the real deal. Well done Jen! It turned out so nice in fact, that I could not let her readers as well as mine go without the free plans. If you want to see how her build went, which I encourage you to do, let her take you through the process of where she got her inspiration to making her ideas a reality with no plans at all. Otherwise, TO THE PLANS!

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DIY Bedside Table Plans - Free Plans

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Finished

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Drawer

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Closeup

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Required Tools


Cut List

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Cut List


DIY Bedside Table Plans - Dimensions

DIY Bedside Table Plans (Download PDF)

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 1

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 2

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 3

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 4

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 5

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 6

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 7

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 8

DIY Bedside Table Plans - Step 9


For this project Jen decided to go with the Early American stain from Rust-Oleum and sealed with a satin polyurethane.

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Jorge

    Im very new to the woodworking world and just have a couple questions if you dont mind.

    What kind of wood did you use for the nightstand?
    Where did you get the lumber from?
    I’ve heard that getting lumber from the box stores isn’t a good idea because it is usually used in construction and not for furniture.
    Im looking forward to trying this project out, are there any other tips that you can throw at me to help me get started.


    • Hey Jorge!
      My friend Jen Woodhouse built this nightstand out of construction grade lumber from a big box store. Like her, myself and many others use this type of lumber to build furniture. It’s more than strong enough, forgiving, and very inexpensive which makes it an attractive option. I know thousands of projects that have been done with wood like this with no problem at all.

      Now, I don’t call myself a woodworker, I’m more of a DIY’er but many true woodworkers will frown on this because most of them are looking to build a very precise piece of fine furniture which this type of wood is not the best for.

      Hope this helps!

  • Steph Jake Zant

    I just finished building this bedside table. It was my first piece of furniture besides a doghouse. I used popular boards from Lowes and I think it turned out great. I thought the wood was great. The only issues I had are my skill level and the fact that I only had a skill saw. It’s going in my bedroom so a few flaws isn’t going to bother me. Better than no table at all! All I need to do left is the poly finish.

    • I can’t see any flaws @steph-jake-zant! And I can’t believe you did all this with a skill saw. Awesome work! As good as this turned out I’m sure it won’t be your last project. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Be sure to post your future projects in the member project gallery. (

    • Denise

      Steph Jake Zant – you did a fantastic job! I don’t see any flaws and to have done it with a skill saw…nice work. Maybe I can convince my husband we don’t need a lot of tools for me to build our furniture ;). How much would you say it cost you for the materials?

    • Kat Duffey

      Beautiful job!!!

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  • Sushanta Datta

    It looks all joints are butt joints and nailed together. Ate such joints strong enough? Do you recommend cutting grooves at joints by chisle, inserting and neiling/screwing?

    Thanks and regards,

    • The butt joints with glue and nailing are plenty strong with a night stand. If you were supporting more weight another method of joining might be required.

    • John

      If you look again, I think you will find that screws were used on all the butt joints. Nails were used to attach the panel in the back and the drawer bottom. I would recommend cutting a kerf in the drawer sides and sliding the plywood panel into it before gluing and screwing together. Pocket screw joints are very strong, if you use the right length screw. They do not satisfy the purist for joinery and woodcraft but are perfect for functionality and required skill level.

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  • Just finished a Video assembly guide for making this table. I made it out of Pine and it turned out Amazing!
    Check out the video if anyone needs help.

    • That turned out great Bryce and your video is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Suz

    Thank you again for sharing all your creativity. I love building furniture. Your website is the best, hands down, for instructional guidance. This is my second piece I have completed with your instructions. Thank you again. Please keep up the AWESOME work!

    • No problem and thank you so much Suz! This looks amazing. Great work!

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  • Josh Gordon

    Just wanted to share some expierence with the build. Use caution when using a softer wood. I used cheap soft wood from Home Depot as I have with some of your other projects but in these case when attaching the sides with the cross pieces the legs would break apart with the screws. So I used glue and with the screws as well. Thanks for you and this site. I build as much from here as I can! Congrats on the pursuing it full time!

  • William Varner

    I made this table from your plans. This the first time I’ve ever posted to your (or any other site). I appreciate your plans and love making things like this. I hope to post many more…

    • Wow! this is awesome. Great work. The finish you did on this looks great. Thanks for sharing man and keep on building!

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  • Natalia

    Thank you for sharing these plans! You make it sound simple for me to try! 🙂 My husband pointed to this nightstand and said he wanted this one! I have one question though… I would like to avoid to use plywood… Can I use 1xs for making shelves?

    • Yes you can use 1xs for making the shelves. Glad you are going to give it a try. Be sure to share some pictures when you are done and happy building!

  • Kitty
  • Fred Davies

    Saw a couple questions about the 10 degree tapers on the legs, here is how I did mine using a piece of 2×2 scrap, a speed square and a clamp. Just insert your leg flush to the corner of the scrap wood and the speed square then cut with your miter angle set to 10 degrees.

  • Lee

    Any certain wood you wood recommend? Would be the biggest thing I have built and not a ton of wood working experience but I have some.