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It’s holiday time, and as much as I love to cook, I HATE the clean up! And yes, I am one of those people who will always insist on eating on our fine china. However, when it comes to bakeware… I’m not opposed to a quick cleanup option. But why not make it cute?! See how I made these super easy and cute casserole trays to hide the disposable bakeware.

Casserole Tray Feature

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How to build a Casserole Tray

Step 1: Cut Wood

I used 2 different size pans to build my trays around. You can cut the wood according to the size pan you want to use. For the larger tray (Size: 11-3/4 Inch x 9-1/4) I cut 2 1×4’s at 14-1/2″, 2 1×4’s at 10-1/4″, and 3 1×4’s at 13″. For the smaller tray (Size: 9-1/4 Inch x 7 Inch) I cut 2 1×4’s at 12-1/2″, 2 1×4’s at 7-3/4″, and 2 1×4’s at 11″.

Casserole Tray Step 1 1

Casserole Tray Step 1 2

Step 2: Assemble Trays

Being to assemble the frame of the tray using wood glue and brad nailer. Assemble 3 sides of the frame, then assemble and attach the base of the tray before adding the last frame piece.

Casserole Tray Step 1 3

Casserole Tray Step 1 4

Casserole Tray Step 1 10

For the smaller tray, I spaced the bottom boards to make them fit evenly in the frame.

Casserole Tray Step 1 11

Step 3: Sand and Finish

Sand and round edges using 220 grit sand paper. For this project I used Varathane Black Cherry. Apply with stain rag, allow to set for about 30 seconds and wipe clean. Once dry, I distressed the edges with 80 grit sand paper. Apply wood glue to back of chalkboard sign and stick on your tray!

Casserole Tray Step 1 12

Casserole Tray Step 1 13

Casserole Tray Step 1 15

Casserole Tray Step 1 16

Well there you have it! Make your holidays easier this year, but don’t slack on style. These are super cute and simple trays that can be used for many occasions to come. Enjoy!

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