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If you haven’t been following along with our Dream House Build series then make sure to check that out. We are in the final stages of building our dream house now and the master closet was on the to-do list. When I designed this closet I wanted to maximize the space we had while achieving a high end, built-in look. I did so by building a platform for the units to sit on. Since my baseboard trim is 1×8 poplar, this platform was made from 2x8s ripped down to 7″. When it was covered with MDF, and the baseboard installed the only thing showing is the MDF top. These units are 30″ wide with the exception of the shelving unit but could easily be adjusted to meet your needs.

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Double Hanging Closet Section

This double hanging closet unit is the perfect height for hanging two rows of clothing. Two rows of shirts or shirts and a row of pants fit nicely in this unit.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Lower Dresser Closet Section

This is a 30 inch wide dresser unit, providing tons of storage in 5 large, deep drawers. 3 drawers are 5 inches tall which are perfect for all your smaller items, while the bottom 2 drawers are 8 inches deep which are great for bulkier items.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Upper Hanging Closet Section

This upper hanging closet unit is the perfect height for hanging clothing over the closet dresser unit.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Long Hanging Closet Section

This long hanging closet unit is the perfect height for hanging longer items of clothing. Whether it be long jackets or dresses this is the perfect length.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Counter Height Dresser Closet Section

This 30 inch wide dresser unit not only provides tons of storage with 4 large, deep drawers, it is the perfect height for a countertop in your closet.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Shelving/Shoe Shelf Closet Section

This shelving unit is not only adjustable but you can flip and angle the shelves to hold shoes or you can turn the front lip down for easy access to folded pants, sweater, bags, etc.

>> Full Plans on Ryobi Nation <<

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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