Phone Stand

For this live holiday build we decided to make a simple phone holder or stand. The options for which wood to use are limitless and I think this would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s nightstand. This is also a great stocking stuffer! Well, enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube! 🙂

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  • Scrap wood

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How to build a Phone Stand

Step 1: Cutting the Slot

With the table saw bladed angled at 15 degrees, cut a grove about 1″ or so away from the end of the board (this will be the back of the stand) and about 1/2″ to 3/4″ deep. This groove should be slightly wider than your phone. If you have a case then you’ll need to compensate for that too.


Step 2: Final Cut

The final cut will be the front of your phone holder. I placed mine about 1/2″ away from the groove which worked out well.


Step 3: Sanding

I decided to round over the edges with my benchtop sander but a mouse or orbital sander would work fine too.


Step 4: Modify

When I posted this live video, one of the viewers, Rob, shared a version that he recently made that included an integrated charger. He drilled a hole through the center of the groove and hot glued a charger in place. He added rubber feet to the bottom which raises it just enough to allow the cord to pass underneath. He did mention that he would recommend counterboring a larger hole in the bottom to allow the cord to not have to bend at such a tight angle.

There are many ways to customize this phone holder and I’d love to see what you all come up with so please post photos below in the comments!


Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Veronica Ramirez

    Is there a way to cut the groove without using a table saw? I’m a newbie to woodworking and have limited storage in my apartment, so I only have circular, jig, and miter saw access. Thanks!

    • Rob

      Not sure about your mitre saw but mine has a depth stop. So I set mine somewhere around 3/4″-1″and did it that way. I just had to put a sacrificial 2×4 board behind my phone dock to bring it out to the deepest part of the blade.
      Remember to leave your material long while cutting the groove to keep your hand far from the blade. Then cut to length after your finished the groove.

  • Earl Patterson

    Love the idea. but wish there’s slot for power plug in. I could have keep it plug in for recharge over night