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With winter around the corner the golf outings turn into poker nights. My makeshift poker table from last year worked great but it was simple and too big. This year was the perfect time to invest in a new poker table but they are SO expensive so I decided to build my own. I wanted it to be small enough to reach comfortably across the table but also be able to seat 8 people. Since I was taking the time to build a poker table I wanted to include LED lights and actual poker table speed cloth. Read on to see exactly how it all came together.

DIY Poker Table Rogue Engineer 16

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1 Wknd

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DIY Poker Table Plans Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Poker Table Plans Cut List

How to Build a Poker Table

Time needed: 2 days.

  1. Cutting the Rails

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 1

    Poker Table Plans Step 1

    Poker Table Plans Step 2

  2. Assembling the Rails

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 2

    Poker Table Plans Step 3

    Poker Table Plans Step 4

    Poker Table Plans Step 5

  3. Assembling the Legs

    Note: When I built my table, rather than using the 2×4 supports at the top I went with a piece of plywood which ended up a little wobbly. Below, the plans have been modified for more rigidity.

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 3

    Poker Table Plans Step 6

  4. Assembling the Legs

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 4

  5. Assembling the Base

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 5

    Poker Table Plans Step 7

  6. Finishing Top and Base

    To make sure you end up with the best results make sure to prep the surface before staining. For this, I used DAP Plastic Wood-X to fill any joints, knots and imperfections before sanding smooth.

    Poker Table Plans Step 8

    We then applied a semi-tranparent tintable deck stain (in the color slate) which I like working with because it help tone down the variations in color that you would normally see when staining pine, and it has the water proofing built in, making it an easy one step process.

    Poker Table Plans Step 9

  7. Installing the Top

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 6

    Poker Table Plans Step 10

    Poker Table Plans Step 11

  8. Attaching the Rails

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 7

    Poker Table Plans Step 14

  9. Adding Trim (Optional)

    DIY Poker Table Plans Step 8

A couple things to note…

First, while they do look good, I did not add a racetrack (hard surface ring just inside the rail for stacking chips) because the consensus amongst most poker players is that they didn’t like it. If the cards are on there they are hard to pick up and most people just don’t like the noise when people are stacking/shuffling chips.

Second, I did not add cup holders. I wanted a smaller table and felt like sinking cupholders in would reduce the playing surface. I opted instead for clip on cup holders instead, this way they are out of the way and you can situate them however you like depending on how many drinks are at the table.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The poker table is perfect for guys nights and I know it will get a ton of use for years to come. If you end up building a poker table like this I would love to see your builds in the comments below so be sure to post a picture.

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