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Recently we took a trip down to my parents house in Florida and one thing they have been missing on the back patio was a table big enough to seat our entire family. We needed enough seats for my family, my brothers family and my parents, which brings us to 10 seats. I didn’t have a bunch of time or the workshop to build a big fancy table so we opted to keep it simple. Even though this table only took a few hours and under $200 to build, we have already gotten a ton of enjoyment out of it and it will be a great place to gather for years to come. Read on to see exactly how we did it.

Easy Outdoor Table Rogue Engineer 7

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Full Project Video

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Time to Complete

1 Day

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DIY 10 Person Outdoor Table Plans Dimensions

Cut List

DIY 10 Person Outdoor Table Plans Cut List

After cutting down the boards, this is a good time to to apply your finish. Since this is untreated lumber and it will be an outdoor table we decided to go with Behr’s tintable semi-transparent deck stain in the color Wood Chip.

DIY Easy Outdoor Table Plans Step 1

How to Build an Easy Outdoor Table for 10!

  1. Assemble the Base

    DIY 10 Person Outdoor Table Plans Step 1 1
    DIY Easy Outdoor Table Plans Step 1b

    DIY Easy Outdoor Table Plans Step 2

  2. Attach the Top

    DIY 10 Person Outdoor Table Plans Step 2
    I actually build this top with no gaps but I wish I would have left a 1/4″ between the boards. I also opted to screw the top in place with the table upright since we only had two people and this thing is an absolute beast once assembled.

    DIY Easy Outdoor Table Plans Step 3

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Easy Outdoor Table Rogue Engineer 8

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