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The last few weeks of our life has been, well, a mad dash to get this house completed and on the market. That being said, one of the last things we needed to do was install the lighting fixtures in the hall and over the bathroom vanities. The coolest part about this house is that it has the character of a 1950s cottage and that can be seen through the original hardwood floors and the original doors with glass knobs, however, everything else is pretty much brand new and modernized. We wanted to maintain that vibe with the lighting so we opted for newer modern fixtures but kept with the character of the house by using these cool vintage bulbs from Feit Electric. What’s even cooler is that they are LEDs!

We have a lot more content coming your way very soon. We will be having a kitchen cabinet series, bathroom renovation, heated tile installation and so much more. I can’t wait to share more, but for now I thought I would show off our new lighting! Oh and if you want to check out the listing you can see that here.

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Getting Started

Replacing or installing a light fixture is not hard to do. It can be awkward at times but overall the process is fairly easy. First things first, make sure to turn off the breaker for the circuit that powers the lights. Some might say that turning off the switch is enough however, I have little kids running around and while I love them I don’t trust them to not flip that switch while I’m working on the wiring. To verify the power is off I highly recommend using a non-contact voltage detector.

Master Bathroom

For the light above the master vanity we went with the Downtown Edison 3-Light Brushed Nickel Bath Light from Minka Lavery and the 6.5w vintage style LED AT19 light bulb.

To replace the fixture I’ve found that the easiest process is securing your mounting plate/bracket first then securing the ground wire from the fixture to the stud in the bracket or plate. This will support the fixture while it’s hanging and you are wiring it up.

This fixture has a cool barn light look and the glass globes make the lights look even bigger. We are very pleased with the look of the fixture and bulb not only while it’s on but while it’s off too!

Guest Bathroom

In the guest bathroom we opted for the Poleis 3-Light Brushed Nickel Bath Light by Minka Lavery coupled with the 40w vintage style T10 LED light bulb.

This is a pretty cool fixture. The lights actually hang freely by the cord and the heavy weight of the thick glass surrounding the bulb keeps it steady.

Hall Light

The hall is not much of a hall. It’s about 6ft long and gains you access to the master bedroom, main/guest bath and the second bedroom. We wanted a flush mount light but definitely didn’t want the standard “boob light” that you see everywhere. It was harder to find something that “wasn’t a boob light” than you can imagine. (not sure why I’m quoting everything)

Anyways, we settled on the flush mount Parameters-Bronze 2-Light from Titan Lighting and coupled this on with (my favorite) the 6.5w vintage style LED ST19 light bulb.

This was the perfect lighting combination for the hall. The flush mount (non-boob-light) is unobtrusive yet stunning, the vintage light bulbs go with the character of the house, and the fact that it’s and LED make the home that much more efficient.

If you are trying to figure out which shape or size bulb you want I found this to be a great resource.

Thanks reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Be on the look out for many more projects to come!

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