DIY Lego Tray

DIY Lego Tray

In this house WE LOVE LEGO’s. Last Christmas we made my son one really awesome lego table. It is by far one of the most used Christmas gifts we have done. So this year we decided to make my daughter a little Lego Tray of her own. It’s the perfect simple gift for any little one. Enjoy!

DIY Lego Tray

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How to build a Lego Tray

Step 1: Cut Wood

Trace the lego baseplate onto the 3/4″ plywood and using either you sliding compound miter saw or table saw, cut out the plywood.

*Note: the lego baseplate is slightly larger than the 10″x10″ like the package states. Tracing will give you the exact size.

Lego Tray Step 1 1

Lego Tray Step 1 2

Using the miter saw, cut 2 1X4’s at 10 1/16″ and 2 1×4’s at 11 5/8″.

Lego Tray Step 1 3

Step 2: Assemble Tray

Using wood glue and brad nailer, begin to assemble tray. I attached the plywood 3/4″ down on the 1X4’s using a piece of 3/4″ wood as my spacer.

Lego Tray Step 1 4

Lego Tray Step 1 5

*spacer shown in picture above

Lego Tray Step 1 7

Step 3: Cut Sides

To finish the tray, using a jig saw cut rounded sides out of the 1×4″ to create the tray. I used a round object as my guide. I marked 2″ in from the sides and 2″ down from the top.

Lego Tray Step 1 8

trace circle object to create a a rounded corner on the tray bottom.

Lego Tray Step 1 9

Trace on all sides and cut out using jig saw.

Lego Tray Step 1 10

Lego Tray Step 1 11

Step 4: Fill and Sand

Using wood filler, fill the holes from he brad nailer. Once dried sand tray using 220 grit sand paper.

Lego Tray Step 1 13

Lego Tray Step 1 12

Step 5: Finish

For the finish on this lego tray, we started with Rust-Oluem Willow stain, which we found was’t quite enough color change for us, so we ended up doing a coat of Varathane American Walnut on top before the Willow died which blended the colors nicely.

Lego Tray Step 1 1 (1)

Once the stain was dry we added an “M” stencil to the side in light pink acrylic.

Lego Tray Step 1 3 (1)

Once the stenciled letter was dry, we sprayed a coat of Watco Clear Lacquer in Gloss.

Lego Tray Step 1 2 (1)

Step 6: Glue Lego baseplate

Last step is to glue the lego baseplate to the top of the tray using liquid nails. Press lego baseplate down firmly onto liquid nails.

Lego Tray Step 1

Lego Tray Step 2

There you have it! This little lego tray makes the perfect homemade Christmas gift for the little ones in your life. I know my daughter will surely enjoy it. The best gifts and the gifts made with love. Happy building!

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