RockSolid Garage Floor Coating

Ever since I saw the Rock Solid metallic garage floor coating I’ve been dying to apply it to my garage floor. However I have been dreading actually clearing out the garage. Well the time came that we sold our house and I still hadn’t put it down. Lucky for the new owner we decided to put it down after we moved our stuff out. I figured if it was a good chance for me to see if I liked it or not and I have to say it turned out great!

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - Before-After

Judging by the finish and the metallic look you would never expect this to be a DIY friendly product but it sure is. I’ve detailed out below what you’ll need and just how easy it was to apply.

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Required Tools


Here’s what comes in the box:

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Preparing concrete for the Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating

Step 1: Move everything out and sweep or blow out the garage with a blower. This was pretty easy for me since I was moving anyways. Then measure the garage. I had a two car on one side and a single car on the other side. My garage floor came out around 850 square feet so I went with 7 kits. With 125 sq ft of coverage per kit that would be just enough.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 1

Step 2: Using the Rock Solid Oil Destroyer scrubbed the concrete down with a stiff scrub brush to remove any oil and allow for proper adhesion.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 2

Step 3: Rinse the degreaser off the concrete with a hose. I didn’t have a squeegee so I used a blower to blow out as much water as possible. It worked pretty good but a squeegee would have definitely worked better.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 4

Step 4: Dissolve each bag of etch in 2 gallons of water and cover the garage floor in the etch solution. I used a five gallon bucket and dissolved 2 bags of etch in 4 gallons of water at a time. With my floor still wet (pre-wet entire floor if not) I used a plastic watering can to evenly distribute the etch solution over a 10’ x 10’ section of floor. Then I scrubbed vigorously with a stiff scrub brush to loosen dust and dirt. Keep the entire section wet until it has been etched and rinsed, and then move on to the next section.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 5

Step 5: Once complete, rinse and squeegee the entire floor to remove all etch and making sure not to leave any pooled water. Let the floor dry completely, I suggest at least 24 hours. Once completely dry, rub your fingers over the floor. If any dust or powder comes off then rinse, scrub and let dry until any signs of dust or powder is gone.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 3

Applying the Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating

Step 1: Mixing only one pouch at a time, start by combining part A and B by placing the pouch on the ground and rolling it up like a tube of toothpaste. The seam in the middle is weaker and with enough pressure the seam will give way and allow parts A and B to combine. Once they do mix, begin to thoroughly mix the pouch by shaking it back and forth and squeezing the edges and corners for 2-3 minutes.

RockSolid Pouch Mixing

Step 2: Cut the corner of the pouch and pour into a clean mixing bucket. Then add the metallic tint and use a mixing paddle to mix for 3-5 minutes.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 6

Step 3: Now pour a thin ribbon of the mixture about 6″ away from the wall. Then, using a 3″ brush, cut in around the edge of the floor.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 8

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 9

Step 4: After cutting in with a brush, use a paint roller, extension pole and the supplied 3/8” roller cover to spread the coating over a 5′ x 5′ square. Spread the coating using the standard M and W pattern as you would when painting. Pour each ribbon 2′ back from the painted section and start by pulling the mixture back with the roller and then pushing forward to cover the unpainted areas and blend with previously coated areas. Once the section you are working on is covered, then swirl the roller in a circular motion (like waxing a car). This may not look like much at the time but it will give the metallic coating a really cool look once it settles out. Repeat this step until the entire garage floor is covered.

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 10

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 11

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 12

DIY Rock Solid Garage Floor Coating - 13

Sorry about the lack of finished photos, with everything already packed, we basically put the coating down and hit the road. Nevertheless, I really love the way this floor turned out. It has that high gloss, polished look that I was going for. It does get a little slick when wet but if you want to fix that just add the RockSolid Clear Top Coat and the Anti-Skid Additive. I will definitely be putting this coating down in my new workshop and garage!

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Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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