24in Bathroom Vanity Base

When we decided to finish our “roughed-in” 1/2 bathroom in the basement, we knew we needed a vanity. At first we looked to purchase one but come to find out, they are pretty expensive and the wall mounted faucet made finding a vanity with no faucet holes pretty difficult. After deciding on a simple design we opted to build it ourselves for a fraction of the cost. With the simple, single-door design, we wanted to add a cool, routed handle to the door. While these plans are just for the base, you can make it your own, like we did, with a custom top (we used leftover 2″ thick cypress slabs), cool vessel sink and faucet.

Time to Complete

1 Day

Estimated Cost


Skill Level


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DIY 24in Vanity Plans Dimensions

Time needed: 2 days.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to cut and assemble a 24″ wide bathroom vanity base.

  1. Cutting the Wood

    Using the diagram below cut the lumber to size with a table saw, track saw, and miter saw.

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Cut List

  2. Taper the Front Legs

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 1

  3. Assemble the Sides

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 2

  4. Assemble the Base

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 3

  5. Assemble the Base (cont.)

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 4

  6. Assemble the Base (cont.)

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 5

  7. Assemble the Door

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 6

  8. Finish and Install the Door

    DIY 24in Vanity Plans Step 7

DIY 24in Vanity Base Plans Rogue Engineer 2 1

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