18in Doll Bunk Beds

It seams like we’ve been doing a lot for our son Brayden lately. He just had a birthday so he has gotten some pretty cool stuff. That being said, our daughter Madison has really been wanting “bunking beds” (as she calls them) for her dolls. She’s at the perfect age where she can sit and play with her dolls for a long time and has so much fun doing it. So of course, rather than buying these bunk beds, we decided to make our own. We knew we could save a little money by doing so but we also wanted to finish them just how she wanted. They turned out great and are just the right size for her.

Jamie opted to make her own mattresses as well but unfortunately we didn’t get any of that on camera. She used scrap 5mm lauan, 1″ thick foam we had laying around and fabric. She glued the foam to the lauan, wrap it with fabric and stapled it to the lauan. The mattresses are 20-1/2″ long by 10″ wide. The same size can also be found on Amazon.

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