Corner Media Center

DIY Corner Media Center - Rogue Engineer 2

When I saw this amazing corner media center that Tom from Soulful Haven made for one of his customers, I couldn’t resist creating a plan for it. A media console the fits nicely into the corner of the room, why didn’t I think of that?

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DIY Corner Media Center - Rogue Engineer 1

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DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Cut List

How to build a Corner Media Console

If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF below to have with you during the build. To do so just click the button below and subscribe to get weekly updates. In return I’ll instantly email you the PDF for free! It’s a win-win.

Download Printable PDF

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 1

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 2

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 3

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 4

DIY Corner Media Center - 1

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 5

DIY Corner Media Center Plans - Step 6

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Wes

    sweet table Jamison. Do you have any pics of clamping the center of the “X”? i’m having a hard time visualizing that. Thanks.

    • Thanks Wes. Unfortunately I don’t. This would be nailed with a brad nailer as well. I was suggesting clamping straight across the X horizontally.

  • wayne

    How about the finish? What stains, oils etc were used to get that look

    • I believe he used dark walnut wood stain.

      • Embezzler

        Do you have a link to the stain he used or could you provide a similar one? The stain really makes this media center and would like to use it on other projects you have provided instructions for. I’m having a hard time finding a comparable stain.

        • Unfortunately I don’t know the brand of the exact stain he used. But I do know that Rust-Oleum makes a dark walnut stain. We’ve used their products on most of our projects and that is what I would recommend.

  • Nathan Schwanz

    In your materials list you link to various species of pine. Is that the same species of wood used in the photos?

    • Good question. I didn’t build this one so I can’t be sure as to which species he used. Honestly, the box stores could have pine, spruce or fir in stock and once you add stain they all match up pretty closely.

  • Brett Eckler

    If you wanted to make this 25-30 inches high, how would you do the x on the sides?

    Appreciate the plans

    • Thanks Brett, I would suggest just holding the 1×2 in place and marking it.

  • Paul

    Thank our Jamison, the plans were great. Here is the finished product.

    • Looks awesome! Very nice work Paul!

    • Embezzler

      Looks great. What kind of stain did you use?

  • Robert Clark

    man this is awesome! i was looking o get something for my sister and brother inlaw for their wedding anniversary coming up. what a better way of saying how much you like some people than by giving them something that is hand made

  • Andrew Ebeling

    Hi – TV stand looks awesome. I do have a question though – Everytime I use structural type lumber, I never get the nice, clean finished look – is something like this planed with a hand planer and sanded a ton? I also find that joints don’t match up well because the lumber is rounded on the corners, so I sometimes clean the edges up on my tablesaw, which then affects dimensions some…

    • Thanks Andrew, yes this was built with construction grade lumber as well and has those rounded edges you are talking about. If you want a seamless look then ripping off those edges is what you’d have to do. Like you said this would affect the dimensions which you could change or you could buy wider board and rip those down to the proper width.

  • Rob Rosencrans

    Great tv stand, i would like to follow this plan but need to shorten the length by 11 inches. can i just subtract the 11 inches off the total length of all pieces or will that change the angles on the back pieces?

    • Thanks Rob, I think that would work out fine. Just shorten only the pieces running the width of the stand.

      • Rob Rosencrans

        thanks!! planning on making it to match a rustic x coffee table (plan over at ana white) that i made for my daughter for christmas. you have probably just made her day, thank you again!!

  • Brent Connor

    Awesome media center. I’m thinking about building my own, but I need doors on the front, or I need to otherwise childproof the cabinet. Any recommendations?

  • Eric Port
  • IncorrigibleGuardian

    I have two questions I was hoping you might be able to answer.
    1) are the x braces structurally needed? I was considering using 2×4 instead of 2×2 for the side portions to give a a more open look without the x.
    2) if I were to extend the total width to 65 inches would I need to add any braces in the middle?

  • Mark LaGrange

    I made mine taller – 75cm. There is a recommended height for the center of TVs which can be found visiting audio/visual forums. I also cut some channels in the rear legs to hid the cables and speaker wires. The setup is perfect although I did have to get a smaller subwoofer (side firing instead of down firing) to fit into the space behind the stand. I did not put a poly coat ontop of the stain because the wife prefered the raw look.