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DIY Mini Beer Pong - Rogue Engineer 2

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While I haven’t played beer pong since my college days, when I flipping through my Uncommon Goods magazine I saw this mini beer pong game and it looked like the perfect project for my scrap plywood. Plus I know several folks that this would make a good Christmas present for!

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Required Tools


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How to build a Mini Beer Pong Table

I found these mini red cups at the dollar store. If you’re lucky enough to get the same ones or the same size then you can use the template I drew up.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 1

For the balls I found these large wooden beads at Michael’s.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 2

First, you’ll need to cut down a piece of scrap 3/4″ plywood to 8-1/2″ x 22″. If you use different cups and the diameter is larger than 2″ you may need to make your board a bit wider.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 3

I drew out a template and attached with spray adhesive. If you have cups that are the same size (almost 2″ diameter) then print out this template to use as a guide.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 4

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 5

Then, I bored 1-3/8″ holes about 1/2″ deep. I used the bottom of the bit as a guide. The three holes at each end of the boards are for the shooter and should be drilled at the same size as the dowel used for the shooter. In this case it’s 1-1/4″.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 6

To round the corner I used a sanding wheel but you could also use a jig saw and sand smooth.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 7

TO make sure the bottom of the holes were smooth I made this little sander. Using an extra piece of the dowel I stapled a small square of sandpaper to the bottom and then tapped a wood bit into the top. Attached it to the drill and voila.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 8

It worked for the larger holes but not for the smaller three. Those I had to do by hand.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 9

For the shooter, I came up with a design that is very easy to make. It might not be the best shooter out there and I would love to see what others could come up with so feel free to create your own. For mine, I started with a 35 degree notch cut with a miter saw about 2/3 of the way through to hold the small spoon.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 11

Followed by another 35 degree cut 1/2″ beyond the notch.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 12

Then I sealed the whole thing with shellac.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 10

Then, I put a screw in the center of the board.

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 13

Tied two of the wooden beads with string and attached them to the screw. After that, I attached a bottle cap with hot glue to hide the screw. This project couldn’t be finished without adding some Rogue Engineer stickers!

DIY Mini Beer Pong - Step 14

I hope you liked it. The shooters take a little getting use to but as I said, I’d love to see what other contraptions you all come up with!

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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