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Outdoor Club Chair Rogue Engineer 3

I built an outdoor set a while back and the outdoor armchair was the first in that set. 5 years later I have noticed a few weak points that the harsh Michigan winters have revealed. So I decided to make a new club chair design that would be based off that original great design but add some angled legs and stiffen up those areas of concern. And the best part is that it can be built for about $100!

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Time to Complete

1 Day

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DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Dimensions

Time needed: 1 day.

These project plans will guide you through the construction of an outdoor club chair designed to fit an off the shelf cushion from Home Depot.

  1. Cut List

    DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Cut List

  2. Assemble the Sides

    DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Step 1

  3. Assemble the Frame

    DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Step 2 1

  4. Install the Seat Slats

    DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Step 3

  5. Install the Back Slats

    DIY Outdoor Club Chair Plans Step 4

    Also, install furniture glides to the bottom of the feet to keep the wood legs off the ground and avoid moisture being wicked into the wood.

Outdoor Club Chair Rogue Engineer 2

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