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DIY Outdoor Wine Caddy Plans - Rogue Engineer 3

DIY Outdoor Wine Caddy Plans - Rogue Engineer 2

DIY Outdoor Wine Caddy Plans - Rogue Engineer 4

With Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to build something nice for the mother of my children. Knowing how much of a sucker she can be for a view and a good glass of wine, I decided on this outdoor wine caddy. It not only looks great but it is very functional and will definitely keep your wine safe!

This project has been sponsored by buildsomething.com and the step by step plans along with the cutting templates can be found over there, so be sure to head on over there to snag those along with a lot of other really cool project plans.

>> Full Project Plans and Templates <<

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DIY Outdoor Wine Caddy Plans - Rogue Engineer

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Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Brad

    If i were to build this with a bottom board (for use on a deck or patio) instead of a spike, what size would you recommend to prevent tipping? 12″ square?

    • Good idea Brad, I would say an 8″ to 12″ square base would be sufficient

      • Brad

        I went ahead with 12″ base, made from the same 1×4 boards instead of a flat board like a plywood. I figured this would look better. I pocket screwed and glued the 4.25″ boards to the side of the 12″ board, to make it 12″ x 12″. Also made the 2×2 post 16″ long. I stained with Dark Walnut as well.

        I will see how my wife likes it come mothers day! Thanks for the idea.

  • Nate Scoles

    This was an amazing idea and decided to attempt.. My wife couldn’t be happier..
    Thanks for the great plans and ideas..

    Nate in Montana

  • Lisa Peterson Harvey

    I would love to make this! But i don’t have a bandsaw or sander. Would it just take a bit more time? I have also seen a metal spike sandwiched between boards instead of the wood spike?

    • Brad

      I used a jigsaw instead of a bandsaw, it just took a little longer and caused little more sanding. Also you have to be patient with a jigsaw as if you force the blade in any direction other than straight, it has a tendency to bend resulting in cuts that are not square.

      • Jigsaw is great if you don’t have a bandsaw. I’ve used a jigsaw on a lot of my pervious projects, the blade does have a tendency to bend, but nothing a little sanding won’t fix.

  • Derrick Leland

    Huge fan of your designs and Dreaming Tree wine. Nice product placement. Celebrate we will.

    • Thanks man! We are a huge fan of any kind of wine. haha

  • Dan Martin

    Loved this plan. I lengthened the arms a bit and drilled a 2-1/2″ hole with a small shelf underneath so that it would hold a 12oz beer bottle in addition to the wine glasses. I also lengthened the 2×2 post a little taller as it matched the height of my chairs a little better.

  • Wendy Bean

    Thanks for the great! I just wanted to know how you get the “spike”/dowel to enter very hard soil. I have clay soil at home and it’s terrible to dig into and almost impenetrable in some areas. I would have to use a mallet/hammer to get it in the ground and don’t want to break the caddy. Please reply if you have the time, thanks!

    • Hey Wendy, instead of the spiked dowel you could try gluing in a small metal rod. I used wood because it looks nice but I know what you mean.

  • Peggy Sanders

    How much did it cost to make the wine stake holder?