Small Entry Bench

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Rogue Engineer

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Rogue Engineer

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Rogue Engineer

So our dream, well goal, is to live in a farmhouse in the mountains. Raise our kids running around barefoot outdoors and teaching them values that cannot be taught through an iPad. I could go on forever, but I’ll get to the point. My wife is in love with the farmhouse style, so we made this sweet little entry bench that we hope will one day fit perfectly in our quaint little mountain farmhouse. Enjoy!

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DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Cut List

Believe it or not you can actually find 2x3s (actual width = 2-1/2″) at most big box stores, so if you don’t have a table saw you can still build this project.

How to build a small entry bench

Free and easy DIY plans for a small entry bench with farmhouse finish. No woodworking experience required.

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DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 1

I used some reclaimed lumber I had laying around. It’s super distressed and I think it turned out perfect for this project. You could just as easily use stock 1×6 lumber from the box stores and distress it yourself.

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 1

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 2

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 2

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 3

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 4

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 5

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 6

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 7

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 3

Since our base and top are two different finishes we actually finished them prior to step three to make it easier on ourselves.

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Step 3 


When we were deciding on a finish we really liked to the look of the natural finish for the top so to enhance and protect the natural beauty we used a tung oil finish. For the base we wanted that chippy white paint finish so we started off with Carrington wood stain from Varathane. Then, we applied Vaseline in the areas that we wanted to distress followed by three coats linen white Chalked paint all over.  After the paint dried we came back with 220 grit sandpaper and a plastic scraper to distress and remove the paint in the areas where the Vaseline was applied.

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Steps

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Steps 2

DIY Small Entry Bench Plans - Steps 4

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Smedley McMullen

    be careful sending your kids outside to play barefoot in the mountains. Step on a yellowjacket nest and you’re not likely to do it again soon. Also, thistle plants. These things seriously hurt. I’m always amused that people think mountain life is somehow always serene and safe and different from anyplace else. The lan is great, though.

    • Thanks for the tips! You remind me of my mom. We call her Mrs Safety. 🙂

  • Jon Y.

    This plan and your whole website are awesome. Keep it up. I also like the mountain life because it’s so easy, serene, and beautiful…nothing like living on easy street in the mountains.

    • Thanks Jon. I appreciate the feedback. Having reader like you is why I keep doing what I’m doing. I hope sooner than later I’ll be able to enjoy that mountain life.

  • Sherry Fram

    Great bench! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank Sherry. And thank you for stopping by my site!

  • Kleanthis Baboulas

    Thanks a lot for the pictures and plans you are sending me! They have been particularly helpful and inspiring!!

  • Love this Jamison! The wood on top is just drool worthy, and I love the tapered legs!

    • Thanks Mindi. The wood from was some reclaimed lumber we got in downtown Savannah.

  • Scott & Mare

    Loved the plans. The distressing tips were great. The only question that Mare has: What is the brand of boots? She has to have a pair….. Thanks for posting the boots next to the bench, there goes my occilating sander budget:)

    • haha sorry man! They are Frye boots…and only reason I know these things is because it’s on my wife’s birthday list every year.