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Twin Loft over Queen Platform Bed Rogue Engineer 2

We have been wanting to build our 9 year old son a new bed for some time. After a little back and forth we ultimately decided on a queen platform bed with a twin loft bed over it. They are two separate beds so that if he ever gets tired of the loft bed it could be removed leaving only the queen platform bed. This bed is made from construction grade lumber for affordability so we were actually able to build this loft bed for around $200.

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Twin Loft over Queen Platform Bed Rogue Engineer 5

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DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Dimensions

These plans will show you how to build a twin loft bed using accessible materials and common tools.

  1. Cut List

    If you don’t have access to a table saw you could always just purchase the 2x2s required for this project.

    Also note that the legs are the 72″ long 2x2s so make sure those are the best quality and few to no knots.

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Cut List

  2. Assemble Bed Rails (Qty 2)

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 1

  3. Assemble Headboard & Footboard

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 2

  4. Assemble Bed Rails

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 3

  5. Assemble Ladder

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 4

  6. Finishing

    Apply a finish the the pieces individually before final assembly. We used a dark walnut wood stain and polyurethane finish. Then move to the final location and proceed with assembly.

  7. Assemble Bed

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 5

  8. Install Ladder

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 6

  9. Install Bed Slats and Attach to Wall Studs

    DIY Twin Loft Bed Plans Step 7

We surprised Brayden with his new bed when he got home from school one day and he was so excited.

Twin Loft over Queen Platform Bed Rogue Engineer 4

As for bedding, we went with a Beddy’s set that is a comforter, blanket, and fitted sheet all-in-one. The coolest part is that it makes “making the bed” a lot easier for the kids (which means they are more likely to actually do it. That being said, it makes “making the loft bed” WAYYY easier, so it was a no brainer.

Beddys Zipper Rogue Engineer 1

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