Faux Corroded Iron

Corroed Finish 1

Wait… WHAT?! Wood that looks like iron?! No way! Is this real life!? How?! Wait, can I do this?

That’s is how I felt when my mind was being blown away with this awesome faux finish I saw on a recent trip NC. We were lucky enough to travel to Hickory, NC with Rust-Oleum to get a peek into some fine wood finishes and test out some awesome new upcoming products! When I got home I immediately went to work on figuring out how to recreate this awesome corroded iron finish.

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Step 1: Mix textured paint

Mix 1 part sand into 2 parts chalkboard paint. I used the chalkboard paint not only to get the matte finish, but the density allowed the sand to mix into the paint evenly.

Scrap Industrial Step 5

Scrap Industrial Step 6

Step 2: Paint

Dip the paint brush into the textured chalkboard paint, get a thick coat on the brush and apply to your wood surface. Brush on to coat the surface, then dab with the brush to add more texture.

Scrap Industrial Step 12

Scrap Industrial Step 11

Allow to dry completely before moving onto next step.

Step 3: Spray and Dab

To add a metallic element I spray painted in small sections using Rust-Oleums Metallic Rust, then dapped off with a stain rag.

Scrap Industrial Step 13

Scrap Industrial Step 14

Step 4: Dry Brush

Dip brush in small amount of acrylic paint, and dab onto paper or rag to get off excess paint. Tap the brush onto the surface. Add more or less “rust” to your liking.

Scrap Industrial Step 18

Scrap Industrial Step 19

Scrap Industrial Step 22


So with some trial and error, I think I got it nailed down. Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to keep checking for more awesome finishes here!

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