Our First Flip – 360 Virtual Before Tour

One of the things we’ve always wanted to do was buy a fixer upper. We are always searching but it was never the right time. Now that we are full time Rogue Engineer we have time to do things like flip a house and of course we plan on showing you every step along the way. First step being closing day and what we bought.

The Purchase

1955 Cottage Style Home

Purchase Price  –  $90k

1300 sq ft  –  4 Bedrooms  –  2 Bathrooms

Walkout Basement (not included in square footage)

1 acre lot with mature trees

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you may have see a lot of photos and live tours of the house and demo, which we have already started. I do plan to detail that in a post later this week but until then you can see every detail in this 360 degree virtual tour of the house and the condition it was in when we purchased it.

360 photos shot with Ricoh Theta S     –     Free 360 tour created using makeVT.com

The Reno

It may be hard to see but this house does have good bones and this size home, in this area and in good condition, could fetch upwards of $200k. But it wont come easy. Below is a list of some of the things we need to do:

  • Replace the septic system
  • Pull a fuel oil tank (buried in the ground)
  • Have an improperly abandoned well properly abandoned
  • Fill in the pool
  • Replace all the plumbing
  • Connect house to natural gas
  • Replace the oil furnace with gas furnace
  • New A/C
  • Add more lighting and fix some electrical
  • New bathrooms (everything)
  • New kitchen (everything)
  • New flooring everywhere
  • Possibly add a deck off the dining room
  • Basically all new everything everywhere except for the studs and some drywall…

Reno Budget  –  $50k-60k

It does seem like a lot but we are prepared to jump right in plus we’ll have the guidance of my father-in-law and brother-in-law who own Esquire Interiors and are very knowledgable in this industry. I plan on making the details of this fixer upper another section on the blog and I’m going to do my best to detail all of this in how-to / home improvement posts.

We are not set on what we want to do with the property when we are done. Our options are; move in, rent it, or sell it. We are leaning towards renting but still unsure. If you have any questions or want to see anything else please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Wish us luck!

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  • queenopearls .

    Wow! You are going to be busy! Fun house to flip though. How long does it take to get permits there?
    ~ Christina in FL

    • We sure are going to be busy. Luckily we’ve got tons of family around who can help out. Its our first time pulling permits here so hopefully it will be pretty quick!

      • queenopearls .

        May the whole reno go better than you could possibly imagine! And, by the way, the 360 views and tech was wonderful! Super high tech fun. Rock the flip! 🙂 ~ Christinain FL

        • Thanks! We hope it goes better than imagined too! Can’t wait to share the after 360 tour!

  • Tommy

    Good luck. I want to do a flip someday as well.

    • Thanks! It been on our bucket list for some time.

  • Pauliegirl

    Good Luck!! We did several flips, back b/4 the market went down. Had a lot of fun doing them, and really got lucky and got rid of them….just in time…..makes you feel VERY PROUD!! Buy wholesale where ever you can!! On line lighting, bath fixtures etc….Can’t wait to see the NEW!! Wish you the BEST!!

  • Tool Talk Canada

    I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, so I’m excited to follow along as you work on this project. Good luck!

    • Thanks! We are excited to get the chance to share our experience with you all on our first flip! I’m sure many lessons will be learned. ha

  • Alvinator

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is all the stuff in the house just left there from the previous owners? If you just closed, I assume that is not stuff you would have brought in, but it seems odd that the house is not empty if it was on the market before.

    • Hey! Not a dumb question at all. The property was a foreclosure and was sold as is. Stuff included. We spent the better part of the first day clearing out the items that were left in the home.

  • joshskies

    thaaaats a pretty unique layout… Is there no door to the master bedroom??

    • There is. It’s hard to see from the photos. I probably should have added another photo. I’ll do that in the finished tour.

      • joshskies

        good luck with the build out!

  • PJ Todd

    Excellent price, and looks like an awesome project for the two of you!

  • Chris Gagnon

    speaking from experience pools can be expensive to fill in with dirt (Sand) and grass would need to be placed over the dirt witch also cost $$. they almost always sing in after a while. i would suggest doing a cost comparison. rehab the pool vs fill. people get scarred of pools because they think they are complicated. they are not. they just have pvc plumbing and a pump like a water well. same as any house. pool parts come cheep. Ebay is the best source. you dont have to put all new stuff. pool pumps last 10 plus yrs the rest is just rubber gaskets. i hope this inspires you to consider it. you can make it a friends pet project.

    • Thanks for the info. I think if we were in a region where a pool would be a selling feature to the home we would have strongly considered trying to save it. However, being in Michigan, a pool isn’t really and asset to a home since you can only use it for a few months out of the year. We ended up pushing the concert from around the pool into the pool, and since we had to put in a new septic field, we were left with plenty of soil to fill the pool! The only issue is now we have no grass in the entire front yard!

  • Bartee Lamar

    House looks good… You should have a winner.

    The 360 videos are not good. Takes too long to load and I have a very fast connection. Just do a walk thru video with a hand held camcorder. I think the plain video approach would be much more helpful to gain viewers.