Belvedere Lounge Chair

So this was actually my very first build! I used the plans for Ana White’s Bristol Lounge Chair with a slight tweak. For the wood I used select pine from Home Depot and the Hampton Bay cushions however I did not see the Martha Stewart cushions which look like they could work better.

Anyways, I know this isn’t a self published plan but I just felt the need to share my very first “successful” furniture build with you folks. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Jay

    Would love to do this! Are there instructions available?

  • staci torgerson

    I’d love to see the plans of bow how you created this beautiful outdoor chair. Have you made a sofa to match as well? You are very talented and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

  • Soren

    I really like that stain. Is that Special Walnut?

    • It’s been a while @renorustic but I think it was espresso with a little grey to accent.

      • Soren

        Well it looks like I need to start playing around with stain mixes. Excellent job!

  • Andrea

    These are great!! I went to Ana’s site for the plans but the cushions hers are made for are really expensive and odd size. Any chance you’d post your modifications (still a newbie and need exact plans to follow) so they can be made for other cushions????

    Also, have the backs been okay? Or, will they need extra support?


    • I actually didn’t modify the dimensions and I used cushions from Home Depot that I linked to in the post. As you can see, the cushions are a bit smaller, but they work out okay.

      The back has been just fine. I was a little worried about it too but haven’t had a problem yet.

  • Pedro

    What is the slight modification you’ve done?

    • I used two 1x4s at the bottom instead of the single, wider board, that she used.

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  • Bill

    This is an awesome chair! I am making them myself but I had one question. I saw in the comments on the page you linked to that many were concerned about the structural integrity/strength of the chair back. Has this been an issue with yours? I am about 215 and am not entirely sure the back will be able to hold my weight. I would really love to get your opinion!

    Thank you and amazing work!

    • Bill, we have had ours for a couple years and haven’t had any problems with them not bring structural sound. However, we did use select pine over the common boards. Happy building!

      • Bill

        Thank you so much! I got poplar from an actual lumber store and it is really good quality so now I think I should be good as well. This is my first furniture project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks again!

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  • Daniel A

    This was my first project ever. I built the end table to go with them. I used western red cedar. I am really happy about how they turned out. I was nervous about the back but it is solid. I weigh 220 and there is no problem.
    I got some hampton bay outdoor cushions at homedepot to go with them.

    • WOW these looks great. The color on them is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angie Overton

    I’m curious as to if they held up good? I’m wondering if someone could easily lean back and bust the chair back?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Based on the other comments below, the back is not an issue. If you were really concerned, you could always just reinforce them somehow through your own modification.