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I seems like forever now that I have wanted a golf locker or as some call it, a golf caddy. My clubs have always just been stuck in a corner somewhere and shoes set on top, with various other golf paraphernalia scattered around. Well, I made up my mind that this was an issue that needed to be solved. And so I present to you, the DIY golf locker made from a single sheet of plywood with the all new Kreg DIY Kit (Amazon). Don’t play golf? Well this would make a great Christmas present for any golf lover. Enjoy!

DIY Golf Bag Caddy | Free Plans | Rogue Engineer

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Tools Required



Cut List

DIY Golf Bag Caddy - Plywood Cutlist


DIY Golf Bag Caddy - Dimensions


DIY Golf Bag Caddy - Step 1

Step 1: Assemble the top and bottom

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 1

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 1

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 2

Step 2: Add Back

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 2

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 2

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 3

Step 3: Add Sides

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 3

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 3

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 3

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 4

Step 4: Add Shelf

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 4

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 4

Step 5: Add Edge Banding

Apply the iron-on plywood edge banding everywhere you have an exposed edge of plywood. (We ommited the edging the back since this is unseen.)

DIY Golf Bag Locker - Step 5


We finished this golf locker using the dark walnut stain from Rust-Oleum and covered it with three coats of satin polyurethane.

DIY Golf Bag Locker - FInish

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • I just love everything on your site. You make me think I can build anything! What a great partner you guys have in Kreg! That giveaway is awesome! My husband would be so excited!!

  • veronica

    Great giveaway! Hope to make this for my hubby!!!

    • Thanks Veronica! Best of luck with the giveaway. If you do make it, be sure to post your pictures! We love seeing finished projects.

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  • Erin

    I am planning on building this for a Christmas gift. I only have just the basic Kreg Jig. Can I build it just with that?
    Thank you for posting plans.

    • Awesome Erin! You can definitely build this with the basic Kreg jig. As I detailed in the required tools list you’ll just need a circular saw and a drill as well. Plus the shelf pin jig if you want the adjustable shelf feature otherwise you can locate it as you wish and secure it permanently with pocket holes and screws. Best of luck! Post a pic when you’re done!

  • Steven Schwendtner

    Great site Jamison! I am just about to stain the golf locker as a gift for my brother’s birthday. This was a great project, it was my first “cabinet” and my first from your website. It put many of my skills to the test and even added some new ones. The people at Kreg really have a knack for taking a task and translating it into a tool that anyone can use. One word of caution regarding the shelf pin jig though, do not attach the connecting bar to the base unless you plan on connecting two jigs right away. I thought it would get lost, so I screwed mine on when I took it out of the package. When you flip the jig over, you will get an offset you don’t want. Now I am hoping those four holes will stain up okay once filled. Thanks again for the great birthday idea.

    • Thanks Steven! And thanks for the tip, I’m sure I lost my connector but I figured if I ever got another it would come with one so I was covered.

      • Steve Schwendtner

        Here is a picture of the completed golf locker. My brother loved it and should have his clubs in it just in time for his first trip to the links. Thanks for the great plans Jamison.

        • Wow @steve-schwendtner that finished turned out really good. Looks very professional. Great work.

          Check out this double golf locker that another reader just did. I thought the addition of the turf at the bottom was a good idea.

        • Reattaching photo that was removed:

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  • Lisa Heath

    Thanks so much for the idea and plans! I tweaked them slightly to allow for my husband’s new larger (fatter) golf bag. I also added a spot for additional clubs that he uses inside the house to practice swings and putts. This was the perfect 50th birthday gift for my husband. He loves it. He asked me to add his name to the front piece, so I plan to do that soon! I finished the locker with Behr French Roast Eggshell paint to match our laundry cabinet. Thanks again!

    • I love it! You did an awesome job, and he’s a lucky man. Thanks for sharing.

    • Reattaching photo that was removed

  • Lisa Heath

    I used my dad’s Forstner bits to make the holes for the additional clubs.

    • This is a really great feature. Thanks for the closeup, I almost missed it in the first picture.

    • Reattaching photo that was removed:

  • Brad Bourgeois

    Just turned my garage into a man cave. Saved a corner for the clubs!

  • Dirk

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jamison. I’m not a golfer (yet), but wanted storage to house various hiking boots, winter boots, running gear, bike helmets, etc. I used two sheets of plywood to create two units. I made them about 3″ taller and used the remaining 12″ to create shoe shelves for the middle unit.

  • Dennis

    Hi Jamison, awesome looking locker. I’ve never really built anything before and intend to tackle this as my first project. Being as I’m new to woodworking, I don’t have many tools. I do have a drill and so I was planning on just putting this locker together with some wood screws through the exteriors, rather than using pocket screws. Is there any reason why that wouldn’t work?

  • Alisabeth Thomas

    What size bag does this fit?