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We took the kids to visit Talladay Farms and as soon as my daughter held a bunny we knew we were going home with one. Sometimes you just can’t say no to that sweetness! (I’m sure this will change once she’s a teenager) But after a week of having an indoor bunny we knew it was time for this rabbit to have a place of its own. A rabbit hutch plan was just what we needed!

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Rabbit Hutch Feature

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DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Cut List 1 DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Cut List 2

Rabbit Hutch Plans

If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF below to have with you during the build. To do so just click the button below and subscribe to get weekly updates. In return I’ll instantly email you the PDF for free! It’s a win-win.

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DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 1

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 4

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 8

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 2

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 2

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 9

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 3

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 2

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 7

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 4

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 3

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 5

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 6

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 6

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 7

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 9

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 10

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 16

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 11

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 11

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 14

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans - Step 15

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Gabriel S

    I want to get a rabbit just so I can build this now. Jamison, when are you going to show us how to make a sweet chicken coop?

    • Soon I promise! Our chickens should get here in the middle of the month. The good thing about his rabbit hutch is that you could also use it for a coop 🙂

  • Rebecca Porter

    Your pet rabbit is an indoor rabbit, they have been bred to be indoor rabbits. Outside, predators can and will get into the hutch. Never mind that rabbits are prey aminals and can easily die of fright. What, exactly, we’re your long term plans for this rabbit? Rabbits take more to care for than a dog, did you figure that into your equation? Before you impulse buy, kindly think it through. And learn to say no to your kids!

    • Thanks for your concern about our rabbit Hippity. As far as predators, Hippity not only lives next to the house, has locks on her hutch, but also has 2 dogs protecting her. She is a very loved bunny, who is well cared for by my wife and my children. Before you comment you may want to consider into your equation that my wife comes from a family who has raised animals. And as far as my parenting is concerned, we will say no to our children when we find it fit to do so. However, when it comes to teaching our children the value of responsibly, hard work, and how to love and care for animals we will make those decisions wisely and with the best of intentions.

      • Servelan

        I don’t think Rebecca was speaking to your situation, per se, but to those who look at this hutch and think, ‘hey, rabbits, they don’t take much work and the kids will stop nagging about a dog’.

        And I vote for wheels and a handle on the other end; I’m sure that not only would I like to collect the rabbit poop for the garden (much less nitrogen than chicken poop) but because the rabbits would knosh the grass in one spot down to the ground if left there too long.

        As for building: there are a LOT of 2×2 fussy-cut pieces. It would be useful to have some sort of organization to ensure that the proper pieces are used after cutting, ’cause who wants to have to measure each piece before use to ensure the correct piece is being used?

        • That is true. I hope that before anyone decided to add a new pet of any sort to their family they understand the responsibilities it comes with.

          And as for the wheels, I completely agree. Hippity can mow down a section of grass in a day. We move her cage often, and wheels would be a huge help!

    • Mountain Cracker

      Rebecca I resent your preachy little diatribe here. When I want your opinion I will give it to you. These are rodents. I may go buy a dozen to feed the coyotes just to piss you off. Mind your own business or take your meds and go pester your ex-husband. I don’t need some liberal big-mouth woman telling me my business. People like you are what has destroyed this country. Shut your sewer!

  • AlcoluJohn

    Do you plan to move the hutch on a fairly frequent basis? If not, you need to raise it and add a catch pan of some sort for the animal waste — especially if you plan to have more than one rabbit. Rabbit manure may be the finest fertilizer on the planet, but too much of it will kill the grass and begin to smell (not nearly so badly as dog or cat manure, but still …) and the urine will quickly become smelly and will kill the grass. I grew up raising rabbits commercially.

    • We do move the hutch probably more frequently that we would like. I’ve been considering adding wheels to it to makes things a little easier. Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it.

  • William

    I always enjoy your weekly emails and seeing what projects I should attempt. Great project for the rabbits and I may attempt it for our chinchillas to be outside at times.

    • Thanks William! I’m sure your chinchillas would love it.

  • Rebecca Krist

    So we just built this hutch this weekend! Love it! We did have to tweak it a bit since the cut list doesn’t match what the description says in the drawn out steps. Also in the list of materials it says 3 2×4’s but you need 4- 2×4’s! We did also added more floor uptop so where the ramp is has some flooring over part of the open space. We also did a solid bottom to the top floor as we clean her cage/hutch out daily.

    Over all we LOVE your plan!

    • Thanks for the heads up.. Ill be sure to go back and check over the plans! I know our little rabbit is still loving her hutch so I sure hope yours does too!

      • Cassie Tollin

        I also had that issue! Went to the hardware store which is 30 minutes away and only got 3 2×4’s, thankfully I had a scrap big enough at home…. cut all the wood and the diagram shows cut 4 boards at 17 1/4 and the instructions for assembly said 17 1/2… I will finish up tomorrow. Just wanted to give you a heads up since the instructions haven’t been changed since Rebecca’s mention of it 🙂

    • Rebecca Benson Giese

      On the construction diagram on the side pieces you say to use 17 1/2 inch pieces but on the cut list/diagram there are no 17 1/2 inch pieces. There are 17 1/4 inch pieces, which I used. But they are about a quarter inch too short in the middle one. Other than that, these are great instructions! Thanks!

  • Ron Chibnik

    Nicely done plans and instructions. Very complete and easy to follow.

    A couple of mods I’m considering. I’m going to put a floor on to keep the mess a little more contained. In order to more easily clean it, I’m putting two doors on the bottom. Also, hinging the ramp so that it can get tucked out of the way when cleaning.

    Also thinking of making the lid a little lighter, using 2×2 for most of it rather than all 2×4. And some kind of hydrolic hinge to help the lid stay open.

  • John Noonan

    About how much mesh did u have to buy for the job

  • Alan

    What is the roof material and dimensions?

  • Mountain Cracker

    Anybody considering building this needs to review the plans and read them over a few times. The plans are rife with errors, from measurement errors on the size of the sides to a complete omission of how to build the little ramp. You can probably figure it out but if you’re looking to cut and assemble quickly this isn’t it! Caveat emptor.

  • Mountain Cracker

    Apparently Christian “engineers” can’t handle constructive criticism of their poorly done plans. If you had any integrity you would have left the critique up, but apparently you want more people to waste time.