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While our new workshop is under construction I wanted to take the time to come up with a small parts organizing solution. After receiving the Husky interlocking small parts organizers in a recent My Prospective Tool Review shipment, I knew I wanted to build a unit to house them while in the shop. I also wanted this unit to include some easily accessible storage bins for things that I use on a more regular basis like safety glasses, tape measures, pencils, etc. This was a fairly simple unit that I came up with and built from scrap plywood I had around the shop.

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Disclosure: This project was sponsored by Kreg Tool Company and DAP Products however the design and opinions are 100% my own.  


Note: The plywood are both half sheets. You may not be able to find this at all lumber yard which means you may need to purchase a full sheet and have them cut it in half for easier handling.

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Overall Dimensions

DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Dimensions

Cut List

diy small parts organizer plans cut list

Time needed: 1 day.

In this how-to you will see exactly how to build a small parts organizer that will house 6 Storage Bins, for easy access to regularly used items, and 6 Husky Small Parts Organizers for storing fasteners and other small parts.

  1. Cutting the Dados

    After breaking down the plywood per the cut list, start by layout out all the 3/4″ thick parts as shown. Then, swap out the table saw blade for a blade(s) with a similar thickness to the 1/4″ plywood dividers. Then cut the dados per the diagram below.

    DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Step 1

  2. Install Top and Shelves

    Per the diagram below, drill the pocket holes and attach the top and shelves to the side, as shown, with 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws.

    DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Step 2

  3. Attach the Other Side

    Per the diagram below, use the pocket holes drilled in the last step to attach the other side with 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws.

    DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Step 3

  4. Installing the Back and Bottom

    DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Step 4

  5. Inserting the Dividers

    DIY Small Parts Organizer Plans Step 5

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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