“EAT” Rope Sign

Tis the season… TO EAT! With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner,I thought this little sign would be a great addition to the kitchen. Plus scrap wood projects are my fav! How can you beat free?! This is a simple and fun project, that you can customize to fit your space. Enjoy!

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How to make a Rope “Eat” Sign

Step 1: Cut Wood

For this step I cut my scrap wood to 27″ using the miter saw. I used 2 pieces of 1×6 scrap, and 2 piece of reclaimed pallet wood.

Eat Sign Step 1

Step 2: Assembling boards

Using the pocket hole jig, drill pocket holes in each board to attach them using 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

Eat Sign Step 2

Eat Sign Step 2

Step 3: Sand and Stain

Using 220 grit sand paper, I rounded out the edges and sanded to prepare of stain. Be sure to wipe the surface clear of any debris before you apply stain.


Using a stain rag, I applied 1 coat of Varathane Carrington, and wiped clean using a stain rag. Allow to dry before adding the rope lettering.

Eat Sign Step 3

Step 4: Attach Rope Lettering

For this step I cut the rope as I went. I stared laying out the “E” and applied hot glue and laid the rope down in sections.  For the longer pieces I found it easier to apply the glue to the wood and stick down the rope, and for the short pieces apply the glue to the rope.

Eat Sign Step 4

Eat Sign Step 4 (1)

Eat Sign Step 4 (2)

Well there you have it. Simple, cute, and would make a perfect gift this holiday season!

Signature - Jamie

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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