Apothecary Wall Shelf

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Rogue Engineer 2

This old medicine style cabinet would be a great way to add some extra storage to your bathroom. Who doesn’t need extra storage? Plus this apothecary cabinet is the perfect way to add some style to your storage solution. Hope you enjoy!

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Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Rogue Engineer 4

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Rogue Engineer 3

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Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Cut List

How to build a apothecary style wall shelf

If you’re going to take this one on start by downloading the printable PDF below to get a nicely formatted set of plans. Enjoy!

Download Printable PDF

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Step 1

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 1

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 2

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Step 2

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 3


Before we continue on to the final step, because I didn’t stain this shelf completely, I did my finish before installing the back boards. For this I chose to white wash the three back panels with Rust-Oleum’s Calked Paint in Linen White. I slighted watered down the paint, then using a rag simple wiped the paint on the boars. For the frame I used Rust-Oleum wheat stain. I applied the stain with a foam brush, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wiped clean with a stain rag. Once all is dry you can continue on to step 3.

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf Plans - Step 3

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 4

I used a piece of scrap 1×4 and ripped it down the middle on a 45 to create my own french cleat for hanging.

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 5

Apothecary DIY Wall Shelf - Step 6

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Zoe

    Hey! This is fabulous and I’m going to build it today! I think however that I only need 2 1x2s. 🙂 thanks for the great plan!

    • Awesome! Happy Building. Be sure to share pictures when you’re done.

  • Lori

    Love this project and hope to make it today!

  • Barry

    Thanks for the easy to follow plans for this beautiful shelf. I built mine using 1″ thick wood and added some trim to give it a more finished look. I gave it a distressed look by painting the wood black then covering it with gray paint, then sanding it. This shelf is the perfect size for our bathroom. My wife loves it, Thanks again!

  • Barry

    Photos of apothecary shelf

    • I really like that finish Barry! And the trim at the top was a great addition. Nice work and thanks for sharing!

  • Ryan

    Hello Jamison and thanks for the great project. I modified the design a little to make a Spice Rack (Bulk spices), which then became used as a Hunting Station due to size/room. Turned out to be one of my favorite projects to date. Can’t wait to try my hand at another project. That Buffet Table is looking enjoyable, maybe a bigger house is a better start though.

    • That is awesome. Great mod and thanks for sharing!

  • PleaseKillMe

    I did this. My first wood project, and I am so excited. Next up, I am going to build you industrial coffee table.

  • Michael Szekely