Canopy Bed – King Size

DIY King Size Canopy Bed Plans - Rogue Engineer 2

DIY King Size Canopy Bed Plans - Rogue Engineer 3

My wife has always wanted a canopy bed, so before our big move to Michigan, we sold all of our  bedroom furniture and decided to start new.  Plus, it was one last thing to pack into the moving trucks! However, we wanted this bed to be easy to break down and move when the time came. So make you check out below, just how we made that happen on this massive canopy bed!

And before you ask, you can also get plans for the nightstand here.

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DIY King Size Canopy Bed Plans - Rogue Engineer 1

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DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Cut List

How to build a King Size Canopy Bed

If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF below to have with you during the build. To do so just click the button below and subscribe to get weekly updates. In return I’ll instantly email you the PDF for free! It’s a win-win.

Download Printable PDF

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Step 1

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 1

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 2

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Step 2

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 3

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Step 3

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 4

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Step 4

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 5

DIY Canopy Bed Plans - Step 5


DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 7

The bed rail hardware is great but to be honest, the 2×6 bed rails may not be completely straight. Therefore you may have to play around with the mounting locations to get the rails to fit nicely. An extra set of hands is always helpful to have when doing this.

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 6

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 8

The canopy rails get attached with these 8” HRS Strap Ties not only for strength but for easy removal when breaking down to move the bed.

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 9

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 10

Make sure you pre-drill the mattress supports. They will definitely split if you don’t.

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 11

DIY King Size Canopy Bed - Step 12

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Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Chris Saucier

    This is a good one! I’m thinking this and the nightstands might be a summer project for me…thanks!

  • Joshua Nathaniel

    I just completed this project with the help of wife it turned out great

    • Wow! That turned out awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Olivia

    We have a queen size bed. What would the measurements be to do this plan with that size?

    Thanks so much!

    • Olivia, I plan to make plans for this bed in different size options. So stay tuned!

      • Jeremy K.

        I would also love to see the plans for a Queen size bed!

  • Jeremy K.

    Jamison, this looks great! What sort of finish did you go with on this? Also, are you still planning on uploading the measurements for a Queen size bed?


    • It’s Rust-Oleum’s Early American stain. And yes I do, I need to start working on the plans but it seems like the projects keep piling up! I will get to it.

      • Jeremy K.

        Awesome, thanks for the info! Folks like myself appreciate this a lot, so we will gladly wait, no complaints here!!

  • Jenna

    IS this made for a mattress only, or mattress and boxspring?

  • Jenna

    Thanks so much. I’m gonna try and figure out the measurements for a queen size bed!

    • I have been meaning to get around to making plans for a queen size bed. Just haven’t found the time 🙁

    • Thomas Mahoney

      King is 16 inches wider than a queen and they are the same length. All you need to do is subtract 16 inches from any board that is horizontal (headboard, footboard, & supports)

      • Krissy

        Thanks Thomas – I’m planning to make a Queen size for a friend. I appreciate the modification tip! 🙂

  • Thomas Mahoney

    Modified to fit a queen size bed and no canopy. Came out great thanks for plans and inspiration.

    • Thomas Mahoney

      I removed the canopy part and made the headboard lower, as I did not want to block my window.

    • Thomas Mahoney

      Before and After. Makes my bedroom look much better. I live in an apartment and felt like the canopy would overpower the room too much.

  • t t

    Hi, i was wandering what type of lumber you used for the 4×4 posts and was the rest just SPF? looks great,

    • We used Douglas fir untreated 4×4 for the posts and yes we used SPF for the rest.

  • Faith LeBlanc Kelly

    We love the way the bed turned out! Great job with the plans! The only thing we were unsure of was how far to go down the posts for the second 2×4 on the footboard. We made it work though, and we are extremely pleased!

  • Gillian Kirk

    This DIY bed plan is just what I have been looking for. I so appreciate how specific and detailed your plans are.
    When you post the plans for a queen size version of this, can you please include modifications for building it without the canopy? Also, how would it be modified if you didn’t want to have a box spring?

    Thank you so much!

    • Gillian Kirk

      Also, would you recommend putting the boards through a planer to make sure they are even and straight for a more modern look?

      • If you have a planer and wanted a more modern look then I would defiantly recommend it. I do plan to get around to the queen size bed plans, but this house flip has really put a time strain on us!

        • Gillian Kirk

          Thank you for your reply! I’m not in a huge hurry, myself. I would like to build some pieces for my new home (bed, dining table, custom closet) but it’s still under construction and won’t be complete until January.
          I really appreciate the effort you put into these plans, it must take you some time!
          Good luck with the flip. Wishing you sanity to get through it 🙂

          • Thanks so much! It does take some time but we enjoy it. We are looking forward to getting this flip over with and moving on to our next big project which will be building a house!

  • Patrick This was a great plan! We modified it a little to fit exactly what we wanted but it turned out awesome. A very good project to do with my wife that made it that much more special!

    We did put some sanded birch plywood down on the underside supports so that we didn’t need a boxspring and added another 2×6 to the side and footboard so that the dog could’t get her toys stuck under it. Thank you for this website!

  • Shatiara Christopher

    I am so excited I found this. My fiancé and I have recently bought an adjustable base split king bed. It has been almost impossible to find a canopy bed gram that will accommodate what we have chosen. We are extremely hopeful that this will work out for us as we have our hearts set on a canopy bed. We also love that we can add our own flare to it and chose a stain that goes with what our vision is instead of settling for a stain we don’t particularly like. We are even hoping to build our own 6 drawer dresser in the near future to match. I am wondering if you are able to send me the PDF file with the directions, Supplies needed, etc. I have followed the direcrions noted above to get the plans sent directly to my email but I have no received them. I am hoping I can take them into a home improvement store, show them and have them guide me into getting the correct items! Thank you so much for taking the time to show us all how to do this. I am sure I speak for us all when I say we truly appreciate it.

  • Bobby Bryant

    Did you sand the entire bed? I already cut all of it but putting together upstairs.

  • Matt Woodworth
  • Senna Desjardins

    Is there any way this could be easily modified to a california king?

  • Mat Kiefer

    In the picture on the top are the box springs under the mattress, or is the mattress sitting on the supports?