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Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Rogue Engineer 1

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Rogue Engineer 3

School has started around here and with our 4 year old in PreK and our 1 year old daughter still taking a decent nap, my wife has had a little more free time… or as we like to call it garage time. She threw together this narrow side table that went perfectly in our living room. Now normally I write the plans and then we build, but this time things went a little backwards. She built, then I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

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Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Cut List

How to build a Cottage Style Narrow Side Table

Follow these free DIY plans to build a narrow cottage style side table that not only looks amazing but is very functional. No woodworking experience required.

Download Printable PDF

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 1

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 2

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 3

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 1

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 4

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 4



The finish on this one was easy! Just 3 coats of Rust-Oluem Ocean Mist Spray Paint. I let the paint try completely in between coats and lightly sanded after each coat with 220 grit sand paper.

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 3

Narrow Cottage Side Table Plans - Step 5

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Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Ron Brizendine

    This is a nice end table. I hope the plans are downloadable soon. I have a trailer load of pallet wood that could be used on this project.

    • Ron, forgot to add that to the post. Great catch. I will add the downloadable PDF now. Happy building.

  • Linda Baldock

    Jason, very cute table with great instructions. It would be very helpful, however, if you would add the degree of the angle cuts on the legs and the trim to your instructions. Thank you for your plans.

    • Thanks Linda, not sure why I left that off for the diagonal pieces. Those should be 38.5 deg. As for the legs I left that angle off because the angle is greater that what a miter saw can cut and should be cut with a circular saw or jig saw. If you need that angle it is 66.5 deg

  • Kat

    Love the cottage style side table, have you thought of creating plans for a matching coffee table?

    • No I haven’t but that’s a good idea.. And I do need a coffee table

  • Richard Jordan

    My wife has been looking for a table to go under a window in our living room. I saw this but it was too low for where we wanted it. So I added 7 inches to the legs and it was perfect. Most important is that my wife loves it.

    Then she had a place that she wanted a bookshelf from the same design so I took the same table design with the extended legs, lowered the bottom shelf and added a middle shelf. I debated on how to do the cross-bracing and settled on what you see in the photo. It took a couple tries to get the angles right. I finished both with Minwax Polyshades pecan satin (2 coats) with fast drying clear polyurethane for a final coat. I have found that the staining and finishing has a steep learning curve of its own. My wife loves this one too.

    Thanks for the easy to follow plans. I especially like the cut lists which helps keep waste to a minimum.