My ProSpective Tool Review #5 – RIDGID / RYOBI

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This quarter I got to get my hands on some great tools from RIDGID and RYOBI. If you are not familiar with these brands they are both extremely innovative tool companies that are exclusively sold at The Home Depot. RYOBI is a great brand that is built with the homeowner and DIYer in mind while RIDGID is bridging the gap between DIYer and professional. Both are great brands that I am very familiar with so this was a fun review and opportunity for me a try out some new tools.

RIDGID 18V Drill/Driver and Impact Driver 2-Tool Combo Kit

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 1

This combo kit comes with a drill/driver, impact, two 2Ah batteries and a charger (currently $159). I love the Ridgid brand for several reasons. They have an amazing lineup of tools that can work great for the active DIY’er and professional. Plus, they back their tools with a lifetime warranty. While this set doesn’t come with the brushless motors, for the price, it is a great deal.

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RIDGID 18V Drywall Screwdriver with Collated Attachment

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 2

Now this is a great tool for someone that is going to be driving a lot of screws! You can easily switch between the collated attachment and standard nose cone. The collated attachment will allow for collated screws which is like having a magazine of screws that are automatically fed into place. And while it does carry the “drywall” title, this is a great tool for other jobs that require a lot of screws, such as installing decking. But that’s not the only thing. You can easily adjust the depth that you drive the screw and it even has a push to drive feature so you don’t even have to push the trigger, hence the ergonomically designed grip.

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RIDGID 18V Random Orbital Sander

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 8

If you are part of the RIDGID 18V platform then I highly recommend this 5″ random orbital sander. As you can see, we have given ours quite the work out already and are very happy with the performance and runtime. The overall grip design is comfortable, the sander is well balanced and the dust collection is great! When paired with a shop vac, the sanding dust is virtually all contained (see below).

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RIDGID 16 Gal. 6.5-Peak HP NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 10

This is another tool that was put straight to work when it hit the shop. This vacuum has RIDGID’s most powerful motor and largest capacity which means it is engineered for the pros and capable of the toughest jobs. With a 20ft power cord and rolling base, you’ll be able to easily cover a large area.

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 11

One thing I have been using it a lot for, besides general clean up, is sanding. Connecting this to my sander pretty much eliminates all dust from the air. While the fine dust filter does a great job but, as expected, it does need to be cleared out every once in a while. Basically, this is a beast of a shop vac and if you want the biggest and most powerful, this is it.

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RIDGID 18V Heated Jacket

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 16

If you didn’t know, I’m in Michigan, and we have pretty cold winters. Luckily, RIDGID just launched an 18V heated jacket that will take the edge off. Not only will it keep you warm but it will keep your phone charged with the USB outlet and cord management.

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 17

This is a lightweight jacket with removable hood so it won’t get in the way of your work but with 3 settings to keep you comfortable when you’re out in the cold.

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RYOBI 18V 6-Tool Combo Kit

ProSpective 5 Ridgid Ryobi Bosch 4

This is a great combo kit for a new homeowner or an avid DIYer that is looking to cut the cord. This kit include a Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Multi-Tool, Work Light, (1) 1.5 Ah Battery, (1) 4.0 Ah Battery, 18-Volt Charger, and Bag. For $299 this is a great value!

I have been a long time supporter of RYOBI because of the extensive collection of tools that they offer on their ONE+ 18V platform. Not only that, but they are an extremely innovative brand that continually comes out with products that not only cover jobsite tasks but extend to household and recreational products. If someone is going to invest in an 18V platform why not pick the one with the world largest collection of tools.

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