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Console Table Plans - Top Drawer Open

Console Table Plans - Bottom Drawer Open

Console Table Plans - Hardware Closeup

So here it is! This console table turned out absolutely perfect! If you don’t already know, Ana White has played a major role in me wanting to create this site. With all the inspiration she has given me I wanted to give back to her and her site. So the console table plans that I would normally post on here can be found here at Ana’s site. Working with Ana on this project has been great and I can’t want to collaborate in the future again.

Console Table Plans - Hardware Shopping

Hardware Shopping!

Console Table Plans - Hardware

The hardware we decided on!

Console Table Plans - Picking out wood

Picking out wood for drawer fronts!

Shopping for antique hardware and salvaged wood was so much fun! In Savannah, Georgia there is a plethora of antique and vintage stores with all kinds of cool stuff salvaged from historic buildings.

The Build Process (Click here for PLANS!)

Cut Wood

Console Table Plans - Cuts

Step 1: Assembling the Sides

Console Table Plans - Step 1

Console Table Plans - Step 1b

Step 2: Assembling the Lower Shelf

I choose to go ahead and paint the slats before assembling the shelf since once they are installed, 1/2″ apart, it would be very hard to do so.

Console Table Plans - Step 2

Console Table Plans - Step 2

Console Table Plans - Step 2

Console Table Plans - Step 2

Step 3: Assembling the Base

Yes, I realize there is no picture of this step and the reason for that is that I was so frustrated when I did this (see picture below) that I completely forgot to take a picture. So if your at this step please be careful. The base is fragile when not attached to the top.

Console Table Plans - Step 3 Accident


Step 4: Assemble the Drawers

I choose to cut a 1/4″ grove in the sides of the drawers with a dado blade and inset the drawer bottom. This creates a stronger drawer bottom. Not that I’ll be putting a lot of weight in there, just like the looks of it.

Console Table Plans - Step 4

Console Table Plans - Step 4

Console Table Plans - Step 4

Step 5: Assemble the Top

Once I assembled the top I went ahead and filled the gaps and sanded it all down since it was bothering me so much. Thank God for wood filler!

Console Table Plans - Step 5

Console Table Plans - Step 5

Step 6: Attach Top to Base

After doing this, it is a good time to paint the base since the next step is to install the drawers and I wanted mine stained.

Console Table Plans - Step 6

Console Table Plans - Step 6

Step 7: Install the Drawers

I’ll start off by saying, I HATE THOSE LITTLE SCREWS! Other than that, I will say, the small magnetic level pictured sure came in handy! Oh and its a good idea to stain the drawers before installing.

Console Table Plans - Step 7

Console Table Plans - Step 7

Console Table Plans - Step 7

Step 8: Installing the Drawer Fronts and Hardware

This was our favorite step! After staining the drawer fronts we were so eager to get them installed along with the hardware.

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Console Table Plans - Step 8

Step 9: Attach the Back

First we painted the back and then nailed it on the base and we are DONE!

Console Table Plans - Step 9

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Patti Reese White

    Did you spell that wrong and mean Patti White…..

  • Grammi Garage

    I love this console table. Simple Beautiful!
    Only question I have is what size of drawer slides did you use? I can’t wait to start on this project. Thanks for the very detailed plans.

  • Thanks Grammi Garage The drawer slides are 16″ in length. I look forward to seeing your finished project. Be sure to post a pic here in the comments.

  • @Patti Reese White you’d have to fight Jamie for this one!

  • Leah

    What is the stain color on the upper middle drawer? And also wondering what your wall color is… It’s so cozy!

    • Leah, Thanks! The stain color for the middle drawer is Carrington from Rust-oleum and the paint color is Northern Cliffs from Benjamin Moore.

  • LSH

    This is amazing! Thank you for posting plans! So beautiful. I’ve been needing something like this for my entry and nothing I could find was quite right. This is perfect!

  • Thanks so much @LSH! I’m glad I could help!

  • lisagrow05

    I love this! Definitely on my list of what to build next…as well as re-inspiring the colors for my future table. Just wondering what color paint you used for the rest of the console? Thanks for posting this!

  • Thanks lisagrow05 ! The paint color is Seaside Sand by Behr!
    We would love to see your results so make sure you post a pic of your table here in the comments when your done!

  • FunkyJunk Donna

    this is gorgeous!

  • MCG

    About how much would building this cost?

  • Thanks @FunkyJunk Donna !

  • @MCG This cost me about $250-$300 but I splurged on the hardware. It could be done pretty easily for $200-250.

  • Pedantic

    I love this except for the spelling of “you’re” and “your”. If it is short for “you are” it is spelt you’re. You’re a great designer. If it is your idea then it is spelt “your”.

  • Piet Uys

    Lovely table. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to your future projects!

  • Ha. Yea you and my english professor both! For you I will try to be better about this in the future but I have to warn you, as an engineer, this is not easy for me.

  • Thanks so much Piet!

  • SewWoodsy

    this is awesome! Love the different color drawers!

  • SewWoodsy Thanks so much! The drawers really set it off IMO!

  • Dave Brock

    Very nice console table and plans. I understand the frustration point, we all have been there.

  • Mary Ann

    I’m so in love with this console. I need to make a dresser for my bedroom and I’m trying to change this up by adding more drawers on the bottom. What do you think it would look like if I just stained the body (white parts) and stayed with your stain colors for the drawers? My husband does not like the white paint like I do so I need to compromise.

    • Mary Ann, thats a great idea! If you look at the link I shared as my inspiration, it actually has three rows of drawers but I choose to only go with two rows.

      As for staining in lieu of painting, the intent here is to make the drawer fronts pop. I would suggest using a dark stain for the table and an array of lighter stains for the drawer fronts, or vise versa. Hope this helps! Good luck and be sure to post a picture, I would love to see how it turns out!

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  • Matt Bryan

    What type of wood is used both on the drawers and the rest of the table?

    • Hey Matt, I used the stud grade pine 2x2s, select pine for the 1x’s, birch is good for plywood, and the drawer fronts are some reclaimed wood that I got from a local salvage store. I did however design it so any 1×8 (actual 7.5″) would do, so red oak or something cool would be a good choice.

  • Sheila Rupert

    I love this table! Is is possible to change this from two drawers to two doors with a shelf inside?

    • Thanks Sheila,
      That’s totally possible, just omit the bottom drawer and add a shelf in its place. Great idea!

  • Sheila Rupert

    Here’s my final build!

  • Beth J

    What measurements did you use for the drawers when you put the liner in with dado blade?


    • Beth, the drawer bottoms that were used with the dado grooves should be 42-1/2″ x 15″ this would allow for 1/4″ set into each of the four sides.

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  • Jessica

    I know you stated the base is unstable without the top. With using the 2x2s do you feel it would be sturdy enough to install a sink in this? Whether you cut to install or shorten the height for a vessel sink.

    • Hey Jessica, I do think this would be plenty sturdy as long as you added some intermediate supports on both sides of the sink under the top to help carry the load. Very cool idea btw!

  • Tasha

    Thanks for the plans – I made one for myself (I have very limited experience). Would love to show it to you but the image size is too big.

    • Tasha, I compressed the image size you emailed me. I had to share your awesome table on the site! Thanks again!

    • Reattaching photo that was removed

  • zahra

    please tell me about the height of this drawer

    • Zahra, I’m not sure if you are referring to the overall height which is 33″ or the hight of each drawer which is 8″. I hope this helps.

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  • Alex D’Eath

    Can you give me a rough idea of the internal spacing of the drawer slides. I have the farm built, the top on, the bottom on, and the drawers minus fronts built. My plan was to install the bottom drawer first, then subtract the height of the unfinished upper drawer, split the remaining distance and use that number as the height above the bottom drawer to install the upper slide. Does this make sense and should it get me there?


    • Hey Alex, I’d say the easiest way will be to mark where the bottom of your drawer faces will fall on the inside of the sides. Then come up about a 1/2″ or so and make that the bottom of your drawer. Install the slides accordingly and then attach the drawer front so that it fits nicely. I hope that makes sense.

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  • Elvis Barros

    So nice, Jamison, what kind of the paint (white) that you used to paint it? Thanks…

  • Catharine Hoehn

    This is so awesome! My daughter needs a console in her new apartment! This will be one of her Christmas presents!

  • Karen Lyall

    Hi, you create some awesome things, why do almost all of the U.S plans feature pocket holes. They are quite difficult to get hold of here and the screws are very expensive and difficult to get as well. Is there an easy way to just use normal screws or possibly just change the pocket holes to dowel joints?

  • Colleen

    Hi Cannot seem to get to the site for the pattern/instructions for this.