X-Brace Console Table

Wherever Jamie and I go nowadays all we see is furniture. This time it was a console table that we really liked at a local furniture store (yes, we troll furniture stores!) I knew I could design and build it for super cheap and it looked great so off I went. Well the problem was, I had plans to go on a ski trip that weekend and well Jamie was going to have to build this one with my plans only because I was off to hit the slopes. She has built some smaller items before but with my supervision and help. This was by far her largest project and first ever unsupervised project. I think she did an amazing job!

Can you believe we built this console table for under $40!

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DIY X-brace Console Table | Free Plans | Rogue Engineer

DIY X-brace Console Table | Free Plans | Rogue Engineer

DIY X-brace Console Table | Free Plans | Rogue Engineer

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Tools Required



X-Brace Console Table | Dimensions

Cut List

X-Brace Console Table | Cut List

Note: The pieces used for the X brace should be sanded before assembly unless you want to make it harder on yourself.

X-Brace Console Table Plans      Printable PDF

X-Brace Console Table | Step 1

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 1

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 1

X-Brace Console Table | Step 2

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 2

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 2

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 2

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 2

X-Brace Console Table | Step 3

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 3

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 3

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 3

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 3

X-Brace Console Table | Step 4

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 4

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 4

X-Brace Console Table | Step 5

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 5

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 5

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 5

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 5

X-Brace Console Table | Step 6

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Step 6


If you mind the pocket holes in the back then you can fill those with pine Kreg pocket hole plugs. Since this console table is going against the wall Jamie decided to omit this step. She did however choose to fill the seams with wood filler before sanding the table completely.

After prepping the table she stained with Wheat wood stain from Rustoleum and finished with a semi-gloss polyurethane.

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Finishing

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Finishing

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Finishing

DIY X-brace Console Table Plans | Finishing

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Shawn B!

    Great plans! Might have to find a place for this, soon!

  • Sam

    This is so AWESOME. I cannot wait to build one! Thank you so much for the amazing plans! 🙂

    • Thanks Sam. Be sure to post pictures when you are done! We love to see the finished product.

  • Heather

    Do you have to use the brace for it to be structurally sound? Id really like to build a shelf about halfway down instead. Thanks. It looks great.

  • Eric Holmes

    I adapted your table into a 4′ foyer table but I found my oops half way through assembly. The x -brace measurements don’t work lol. How do you figure these out? I also changed the top a little too.


    • Oooo yea that’s an issue. Since these are square Xs if you compress them the angles will change. What those angles and length would be, I’m not sure. Another option is to use just one X pattern. Hope this helps.

  • Armando Ochoa

    Excellent plans. Table looks really good in my living room…thanks

  • Cayla

    Thank you for such detailed plans. My husband and I have never built anything like this before and you made it so easy and helpful!! Excellent plans! I have attached a picture of our finished table.

    • Cayla

      We also added a shelf on the bottom for more storage!!

      • What a great mod @caylamh! Great job on this and thanks for sharing. This was a great first project and I’m sure there will be many more! Happy building and welcome to the community!

    • Reattaching photo that was removed:

  • rick

    Great instructions. one of my first projects. Took a little work to get the x’s to fit perfect, but happy with the results. Bigger than I thought.

  • Alexandra Struik

    Loved this design!

  • Kristin

    Hello! Love this table! Can you perhaps tell me the dimensions/ frame sizes of your gallery wall? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Kristin, I ordered the entire gallery from picturewall.com

  • Ken Egan

    Your super impressive and very skilled. I’m going to make this table this weekend. I appreciate the detailed plan you posted. Quick question… Is there a program you use to make the diagrams showing the different colors related to wood pieces and lengths? That’s super informative and easy to understand. Thanks for your help! -Ken

    • Thanks Ken! This done using the same CAD software used to model the furniture. Google SketchUp is a great free program that can be used to do this. For the cut list I just take a top down shot and mark it up in Snagit. It’s all done manually but could probably be done just as easy on graph paper.

  • Tom

    it would be awesome if you could put measures in metric system as well 😉

    • I’ve gotten several request for this. I converter of some sort might be in order.

  • Nikki

    Everyone’s finished product looks amazing! My Fiancé and I are going to attempt this as our first DIY furniture project this weekend! Hopefully it will turn out just as fantastic!

    • Thats awesome Nikki! We forward to seeing how it turns out. Happy building!

  • Julie

    This is so awesome! Thanks for these great plans and clear instructions!! Planning to hit the hardware soon to make this!

  • Kelli

    I have been stalled for a few months, not knowing what Kreg jig I should get to do some projects. The plans I’ve had in mind, like yours or a console table on Anna White’s site both use 2×4’s. Can you use a K4 with 2×4’s or do you have to have a kreg hd for 2×4’s. I have looked at your guide which is helpful and think the K4 might be the one to get. But if you could confirm this for me, it would put me more at ease of my decision and help me get moving. Thanks!!!

    • Either of the Kreg jigs will work with 2x4s. I actually prefer the K5 to the K4. It’s a little easier to use. Either way would be fine though. Happy building.

      • Kelli

        Thank you, I appreciate the advice

  • Renee

    Love the idea and plan! My husband and I are planning a tavern style basement, and this is just what we need! Do you have any idea how much weight this piece can hold? And if this could be made taller for a bar height?

    • Thanks Renee. This thing can hold a ton of weight and could be made at bar height by just extending the legs. The bottom of the X would just be a little higher off the ground.

  • This looks great and I like the x brace at the back.

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  • Byron Williams

    Thanks for the Plans! Mother’s day gift is done. I plan on building an end table to match from the Ana White site.

  • Todd Schott

    My wife loved her mother’s day gift!!! Thanks for the plans!

    • Todd this looks great! Glad she liked her gift. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicole

    If I wanted to make this table 65″ long and 12″ wide (keep the 33 1/2″ height) what would the new measurements be to cut everything? I’m scared I’m going to calculate it wrong. Thanks for your help!

    • I would suggest just holding making the length adjustments, then for the X you can hold the boards in place, mark and cut.

  • Colin Abercrombie

    Loved making this for my girlfriend, and she loved the result. Went with a Kona stain throughout, then drybrush layered white stain on the top. Then took a sander to the top to remove excess white. Sizes are exact, and great statement piece

    • This turned out awesome and I love the finish you did on this! Great job!

  • Rudy N Martha Ortega

    Thanks for the inspiration. Here is my finished product.

  • Rudy N Martha Ortega

    Reattaching photo that for some reason does not attach to original post. Mine was 72x14x36 constructed out reclaimed wood from a redwood pergola. Also used half lap joints in the cross braces. The finish is General Finishes Java Gel Stain. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe92f9b812a0159e650c7a73dad3ea9c52f5d0a370458ebabd398041451655bd.jpg

  • Maghen Lindholm


    My husband just finished this!! His first piece of homemade furniture!! Thank you for the plans which were explained so well that it made the project easier than we thought it would be!! We are excited to try other projects of yours!!

    • Brandi E

      I love this stain color! do you remember what brand and shade you used?

  • Alex Kenny

    I considered myself an expert at putting together pre made furniture but never tried anything from scratch. I suprised my wife with this and she was thrilled! This was way more rewarding and a lot less frustrating than any premade piece. Thanks so much for the plans!

  • Emmy Evans
  • Marcus Alexander

    I’m trying to shorten the table to 55″. How do you figure out the x -brace measurements? I’m thinking about using SketchUp to help me determine the x -brace measurements. What software can you recommend?

  • Forrest Stillwell

    What is the wood recommendation for this project? White Oak, Red Oak ?