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So a while back I built Jamie a really nice portable workbench with storage for assembly and finishing. Well, I have found myself using it a lot and I decided that it was time I had my own. I really needed a quick and cheap portable workbench. These easy portable workbench plans will show you how I made my workbench for about $75 and in about 30 mins. Also, since these plans only use 1/2 of the sheet of MDF you could build another with only 5 more 2x4s and four casters.

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Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Rogue Engineer

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plan | Rogue Engineer

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Tools Required


Note: You can easily build two of these from one sheet of MDF all you would need is 5 more 2x4s and 4 more casters.


Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Dimensions

Cut List

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Cut List

Easy Portable Workbench Plans Printable PDF

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 1

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 1

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 1

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 2

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 2

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 2

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 2

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 2

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 3

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 3

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 3

Easy DIY Portable Workbench Plans | Step 3

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • I built this workbench last weekend and I like it more than I thought I would. I’ve rolled it out on the driveway to work and have used it to spin around in the garage to get better lighting to refinish furniture. It took me 2-3 hours to build in total.

    I was worried about using MDF as the top surface since MDF is not great when it comes to moisture, but its so smooth which makes it very easy to slide a project around.

    • Yea I agree Brad. It’s makes a heck of a utility/small assemblies cart.

    • Reattaching photos that were removed

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  • Wayne To

    Jamison, thanks for the excellent and simple plans! I am not a handy individual, but your simple and straightforward plans gave me enough confidence to attempt my first carpentry project. As I always look for the best bargain, I decided to make a pair of workbenches–one for my garage and one for work as a standing laptop podium/lectern (using 36″ legs rather than 32″). As it was my first project, both pieces are a little bit out of alignment, but in the end, both of them function quite well. I also finished both workbenches with a few layers of shellac and I also ended up sanding and painting the standing podium. Both were fun to build and I’m excited to build some more! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/085faa18a758f7d45e75a7abcdcb5875b3169c4bd26de0c1bac81d2055b71707.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fabeec6b342a9f27d2c5d4d29714a35df82b16fb4cb8dca54e5c4605721e769.jpg

  • Jonathan

    Hi Jamison, I love your design. It’s by far one of the best simple workbench designs I’ve seen among woodworking blogs, both in terms of strength and costs. I just have a simply question, as I’m still pretty much a newbie to woodworking. What’s the benefit of using MDF over, let’s say, 3/4″ plywood? I know it can be more smooth, but is it more rigid as well?

    • Thanks man! I used the MDF just to have a smoother work statin, but 3/4 plywood would work just as well.

  • Veronica Ramirez

    This is a great, simple work bench and seems very sturdy. Made one with my dad in about hours. The casters you listed in the plans didn’t have a brake, so I purchased some lockable casters instead .

    • AWESOME! So cool you built it with your dad. Nothing better than a family that builds together!

  • Kyli

    Hey Jamison! I see that you use brad nails on the MDF board but they aren’t on the supply list – can I use screws instead? thanks!

    • You sure can, just pre-drill first. And thanks for the heads up. I’ve added that to the materials list.

      • Kyli

        Thanks for replying! One last question – Step 2 in your post says to use 3″ casters, but your link in the supply list goes to 2″ casters. Can you advise me on what size to get? I plan to use the workbench as a plant stand, so I was thinking the 3″ will offer better weight support, but want to make sure they will fit. Thanks again – this will be my first build.

        • Either should be fine just make sure the mounting play is no bigger than 3″ by 3-1/2″

  • goode

    How much weight does it hold? Want to use for storage and work surface for a small church to prepare school supplies to send to other countries. Will probably buy the storage baskets for the shelves and fill with supplies until needed. First build.

    • This table is very study and will be able to support the weight for what you need. Also, what an awesome thing your church is doing! Happy Building.

  • Jim Luby

    Great work table and SUPER easy to build, even for a beginner like me. Thanks again Jamison!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25bd6625e597d30dfbf4d0239d274c221c035007118a758e0f2a8d5234284ae4.jpg