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One thing Jamie and I have always been passionate about was helping others and teaching our children the value of being selfless and not selfish. We want to raise our children to serve others before they serve themselves, and the best way we can teach them this lesson is to show them. So when The Home Depot asked us to be part of their foundation program we were beyond excited. Not every large corporation has a heart like we’ve seen through the many employees at Home Depot. The Home Depot Foundation is about giving back to our U.S military veterans and families and supporting communities that are affected by natural disasters. We were honored to work with Team Depot and some of our awesome friends Jen Woodhouse and her husband Adam, Brad from FixThisBuildThat, and Katie and Jeremy from BowerPower, at Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Ga. This camp provides a place for military veterans and their families to connect and support one another.

This was such an awesome experience to be part of such a great team of people, military veterans and Team Depot, coming together to support this community. Another awesome experience was getting to see the Zac Brown Band perform to a sea of volunteers dressed in orange Team Depot shirts!

Camp Southern Ground is a passion project started by Zac Brown. This isn’t just an ordinary camp, when you walk around this camp you can see the amount of love and compassion that he’s poured into making this camp extraordinary for our military veterans and their families.

Plus getting to see Zac Brown perform on stage by a campfire to a group of 200 volunteers was a once in a  lifetime kind of thing!

“Filled with love and grown in Southern Ground…. and a little bit of chicken fried…”

Jamie and I were part of a group building demonstration boxes for the camp. These boxes were designed to hold sand which can be used for children to see and learn about different animal tracks. The gaol was to build 8 of these boxes, but our awesome crew cranked out 10 boxes in just a couple of hours!

We got to met and work alongside some awesome people. When you hear from veterans whose life has been changed by this foundation, or an employee who tells you about how they love working for Home Depot, it’s amazing. For us it really changed the way we look at this “box” store.

Besides the demonstration boxes, there were also archery stands, and TONS of benches being built for the camp. There were also teams of people spreading mulch and pea gravel to areas of the camp.

I can’t even tell you how many of these benches were being built, but everywhere you looked there were people making benches. And I will say they turned out pretty amazing.

(Jamie, Katie from BowerPower, Jen Woodhouse)

Working with Team Depot, military veterans, and our awesome friends at Camp Southern Ground was such an amazing experience. We will choose to serve alongside the Home Depot Foundation any day! Click here to see how you can be part of Home Depots Celebration of Service too!


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