Refinishing a Wood Floor

As we were demoing our flip house we noticed original hardwood floors under the carpet in one of the bedrooms. The issue was that most of the other rooms were covered in linoleum. Who does that?!? I was all ready to lay new flooring over them but Jamie was insistent upon restoring them to their former beauty.

To see all the steps I took to restore these floors please visit my post on the Home Depot blog!

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  • controlsgirl

    I like the care that you took with sanding and that you sanded the corners. I paid someone to do my house and they scraped all of the corners. One guy was amazing. The other guy wasn’t and now I have spots that are very noticeably gouged.

    There are a couple of things I wanted to comment on. One, there was a noticeable gap where you replaced some planks. What happened with that? Also, why did you glue them down and not nail them? You didn’t mention any fill. Did you not fill the gaps? The guys who did my house said that they always fill because it keeps the finish from pulling up dirt that didn’t get picked up by the vacuum.

    • Thanks! Yes, there was a lot of gaps in this floor. It is an old floor and rather than trying to make it a prefect, new looking floor, we decided to embrace it and leave a lot of the original patchwork. We didn’t fill the floor gaps because it is the middle of winter here and the house was very dry. Any fill work could cause problems when the wood expands in the spring. Plus , while we still wanted to, we were advise by professionals not to.