Look how far we’ve come!

I’ve been quiet about the progress of the house that we are flipping and not because I’m not excited about it, but because the work done until recently was not much to write home about. We ripped out all the plumbing as you saw some of in the demo post but besides that it was mostly HVAC, electrical and drywall work which is not sexy at all.

Before diving into what all we have done so far I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how we have the confidence to take on all these projects. We have invested a lot of money in the house and we are constantly dumping more money, time, sweat and tears into it. Yet, we don’t live there. This house is empty. No one lives there. No one is monitoring it to make sure the house doesn’t burn down or a busted pipe doesn’t flood the house. Esurance provides you with the comfort to take on projects like this knowing that they’ve got your back for those times when things just don’t go as planned. They’ve got lots of modern tools to make the insurance shopping experience feel effortless. If you own your own home and live in the 21st century then go with a modern insurance like Esurance. Go here to find out more.

Without further ado, let’s get into all that we have accomplished so far!

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We had to get a lot done outdoors before the weather turned on us here in Michigan. I’m use to the south and don’t think I would fair well working outside in the cold and snow.


After filling in the pool we had a high spot in the yard. Rather than just sloping that down into the side of the house we decided to add a natural stone retaining wall and sandstone patio. To do so we carved out were the wall would go, laid some weed barrier to retain the soil and placed the stone and boulders (that we got from a friends property) as best we could. Finally leveling the patio into three tiers placing the sandstone, then pea gravel, and finally play sand to lock everything in. We even reused the railroad ties for the steps. With the galvanized fire ring and the boulder seating I think this patio is sure to be a hit.



One of the biggest changes visually that we accomplished was painting the exterior of the house. We painted used an airless sprayer which really made the job go a lot faster. But before we could put the color on we needed to prime the exterior which we did using Zinsser Bullseye Zero primer which is an eco-friendly primer that is just as good as the other stuff.

Disclosure: Behr and Zinsser did provide the paint for this job for which we are forever grateful.


Another big project we finished up was building the attached deck. See how we did it here. This turned out great and will just add to the living area. We still have to take out the windows and replace with a sliding glass door that leads to the deck but that will get done as soon as we get a warm day.

Front Door

The front door was just a 9-pane glass door that you would think of more for a back or side door. We wanted to fix that by adding a proper wood door and we love how it turned out. There is still some work to be done as far as trim and finishing but over all we are very happy with the look of the door!



Inside of the house we have also got a lot accomplished. It was fun to rework the layout of the bathrooms, kitchen, etc.


After laying out the new bathrooms and where we wanted the plumbing we got started laying out all the new plumbing. We were able to finish that up and get out rough inspection done. We also had all new HVAC installed and had to run new and relocate some of the vents.

99% of the electrical has been ripped out and replaced, including adding about 30 new can lights, pendant, fixtures, outlets, etc.

Drywall and Painting

The ceilings on the main floor got skimmed with 1/4″ drywall and some walls needed new drywall after the electricians had their way with it. We’ve primed and painted a lot of the walls and ceilings but there is still a decent amount to be done. The colors we chose were in an effort to lighten the house up and be nice neutral colors. I will detail all the colors in the final reveal.

We also added a 9 pane glass door leading from entryway into the living room which also added to the natural light in the house.

Some faux shiplap got added to the stairwell leading upstairs and stained with an antique white stain which turned out great. The stairs still need paint which will be a tone of white and will complement the shiplap look.

Main Bathroom

The main bathroom got reconfigured to include a tub along the back wall. We framed out a niche, ran the new plumbing, set the tub and finished up the drywall. We’ve just started on the tile and I don’t want to share much because that will be saved for the final reveal.


Master Bath

As for the master bath we haven’t gotten quite as far. The door of the shower will be on the right high side so that is where we put the regulator but we wanted the rain shower head to be on the left so we had to cross the plumbing over. We will be moving on to this bathroom very soon! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates!


Floor Refinishing

Last but not least is the floor refinishing that you all have been eager to see! I am totally surprised at how well they turned out. I will be detailing the process in another post so please stay tuned for that one!


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  • joshskies

    looks awesome! I’m planning to do some major renovations to my house once I have the money saved, but it has helped watch you in this undertaking. I’m particularly fond of the old school AM/FM headphones in the floor sanding pic.

    • Thanks man. Yea those headphones are pretty sweet. They make a new version with Bluetooth too!

  • Terry

    I have those same headphones but with the plug which I use with an old iPod that clips onto one of the steel runners. Great to work with. One question, where are those dust masks while sanding?;-) We do a lot of our own reno work and woodworking and rely on dust masks and also dust collectors. I cannot emphasize enough the reason to wear dust masks while sanding floors. Another simple solution is to put a MERV 13 filter in front of a box fan’s intake side and turn it to high. That will also help to clear the air (pun intended). The house looks awesome. We’re playing with the patio idea that you used for a project in our back yard. Excellent work!

    • Thanks Terry, the dust masks were definitely used when they were needed. We also had several evac fans running and the dust collection on that sander is very good if you keep is emptied out.

  • Bob L

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2fc54b03d5540bae6c1ddd4b756749226c0a7075db5862125b0ec7016978d9a6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4418cc558f51f787025a0bf7a9432e5ddcb616033b67fb1d7bd314e966093d50.jpg Jamison and Jamie, the place is looking great. Love your plans. Keep them coming and good luck with the FT online career. Did you do much video of the flip? If not, are you cursing yourself for not?

    I can’t believe how similar your upper bedrooms were to a flip I completed a few years back. (Photos attached).

    • Thanks Bob! Yea I am getting a lot of video of the house reno stuff. The raw version of what we are doing on a day to day basis can be found on Our DIY Life YouTube channel. The problem is that I havent been able to release a lot of the project stuff because it’s not complete or there is an associated project that is not complete. Once things start to come together more I’ll be able to reveal a lot of the projects that I’ve been working on.

  • Debbie

    Your new front door is beautiful! Could you share the brand and model #? Was it pre-finished or did you finish it yourself? Thanks!

    • Thanks Debbie! I actually have a post in the works detailing that swap so keep your eyes peeled for that one. But for now, here is a link to in on HD: https://bit.ly/2lo72NZ

  • controlsgirl

    I have the space between the baseboards and floor on my own home and it drives me nuts. It does it with shoe on it as well, not nearly as bad but it still drives me nuts so not I’m looking into my floor joists.