How to Stain a Deck

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Recently we built this sweet floating deck for my brother and sister-in-law. We really wanted to make this outdoor space pop, so with the help of our friends over at Rust-Oleum, we gave this deck one heck of a finish. Using the Restore Semi-Transparent Stain and Restore One Coat Solid Stain, we created an awesome two-toned finish on this deck. The finish on this deck really transformed the space!

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How to stain a deck

We choose to stain this deck using the Restore Semi-Transparent Stain in a slightly different way than the directions state. We painted the stain on and wiped off to give a lighter finish to the cedar decking. You may choose to have a darker finish on the deck, in that case I would recommend using a roller and rolling not the Restore Semi-Transparent stain.

Restore Semi-Transparent

We used a brush to paint on the Semi-Transparent Deck stain and whipped off using stain rags.

Restore Semi-Transparent Application

Since we worked in the sun, we have to paint on and wipe off immediately after to avoid the stain drying too quickly. If you choose to stain the same way we did, I recommend 2 people and stain one board at a time.

Restore Semi-Transparent Application (1)

It is more time consuming choosing to paint on and wipe off, but the end result looked pretty sweet.


We used the Rust-Oluem 2x Restore Solid Stain in driftwood on structure for the deck to give the deck a really awesome 2 toned finish. This was such a simple step that really made this deck pop. Using a brush or roller just paint on the solid stain.

Solid Stain

The two toned effect really brings out the color of the deck boards and gives the deck a unique and trendy look.

Solid Stain


Needless to say my brother and sister-in-law love how the deck turned out, and we are pretty impressed ourselves. The two toned looked really made this outdoor space!

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As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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