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DIY Church Pew Plans - Rogue Engineer 3

DIY Church Pew Plans - Rogue Engineer 5

DIY Church Pew Plans - Rogue Engineer 6

DIY Church Pew Plans - Rogue Engineer 1

After a few requests for church pew plans I figured I would put it up for a vote on Facebook. Needless to say it was a resounding yes, so I got to work. We had picked out the one that we liked and I wanted to make it look like a weathered, old church pew that had been around for a while. We love how it turned out and I hope you do too! Enjoy!

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DIY Church Pew Plans - Rogue Engineer 4


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DIY Church Pew Plans - Dimensions

Cut List

DIY Church Pew Plans - Cut List

How to build a Church Pew

If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF and template below to have with you during the build. To do so just click the button below and subscribe to get weekly updates. In return I’ll instantly email you the PDF for free! It’s a win-win.

Download Plans & Template

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 1

DIY Church Pew Plans - 1

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 2

DIY Church Pew Plans - 2

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 3

DIY Church Pew Plans - 3

DIY Church Pew Plans - 4

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 4

DIY Church Pew Plans - 5

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 5

DIY Church Pew Plans - 6

DIY Church Pew Plans - Step 6

DIY Church Pew Plans - 7

DIY Church Pew Plans - 8


To get the old look we started by staining the entire pew with dark walnut wood stain from Varathane.

DIY Church Pew Plans - 9

Then we Jamie dry brushed the pew with serenity blue Chalked paint from Rustoleum. The key to dry brushing is to get a very small amount of paint on the brush. I dabbed the brush on paper to make sure I got off any excess paint. Then using quick strokes, go along with the grain of the wood.

DIY Church Pew Plans - 10

Finally, we applied 3 coats of matte polyurethane for projection.

DIY Church Pew Plans - 11

We absolutely love it. At first we were thinking of donating or selling it but I don’t think we can let this one go!

Questions? Comments?

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! ENJOY!

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  • Bryan Patterson

    Awesome project can’t wait to try it thanks for all your hard work!!!!

    • Thanks Bryan! I’d love to see how yours turns out!

      • Bryan Patterson

        I’ll post a pic when its finished

  • RustedOlive

    Beautiful job! I love it!

  • rhiannon

    Getting the wood today for this!! So excited!

    • Sweet! I wanna see it when you’re done!!

      • rhiannon


  • Jorge

    I got the plans but did not see the temples, am I missing something . Thanks

  • Erin Higgs

    I have been looking for years for a church pew bench for my front entry. This is perfect! Thanks! I can’t wait to build it. I’ve been itching for a project!

  • Cheri Creed

    Did you pocket hole the bottom and back boards before screwing into supports or did you install one board at a time

  • rhiannon

    Love ours! Such a fun and EASY build!! J &J are so awsone!

    • Thanks! And AWESOME job. Love how this turned out.

  • rhiannon

    Now to really brag on myself. I made a curved one for my sister in law’s stairs! Bout got the best of me but I whipped it out anyways!!

  • KellyDehn

    Thinking about building one eight feet long. Would putting a couple of more middle supports be enough or should I put in another leg support?

  • KellyDehn
    • My View

      Do you have plans for the 8 foot?

      • KellyDehn

        Sorry, no. I just winged it from the original.plans. Just used 8′ lumber for seat and back and put a middle leg that used the side pattern, except cut out to allow for seat asnd back. I did use 2×8’s for seating though.

  • Alicia

    Did you use pine boards for all of it? I can’t find pine 2x10x8’s anywhere.

    • KellyDehn

      2x10x8 for sides/middle support & seat, but used 1x6x8 for back. Bought my lumber from Lowes. home depot also carries that length.

  • Kari

    Wow! This is so beautiful. I need to make room in my house for this. It looks surprisingly easy to build. Would you mind quickly explaining how to cut a chamfer? Is it just 2 different bevel cuts with the miter saw? Thanks for sharing your plans!

  • Jessica

    This has been on my build list for awhile, I’m so excited to finally get started. Thank you so much for sharing the plans! I have a quick question though…did you rip the curve off your 2 by’s first?

  • Andrew Lanier

    What would you guess would be the weight limit?

  • Amanda Lindsey Carper

    How would I need to adjust the seat supports if I used 2×10 for the seats? I made two as written and love them but they sag a bit with heavier people.

  • 12Nine

    Just finished staining, now for the matte finish, then off to a client!